Half-Life install fails with ISSET_SE in SETUP.EXE

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by jcz, Dec 21, 2001.

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    I'm trying to install Half-Life on my (newly) XP'd machine. Despite trying it from Administrator, from hard-drive, etc. the install always fails with

    ISSET_SE caused an Illegal Instruction in module SETUP.EXE at 0001:2CB4

    This is the original Half-Life (1.01 was it?) CD. Any clues would be greatly appreciated!


    (added later) - I don't run Norton or any other av tools...
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    Installs fine on my XP Pro system. Did you do a upgrade or a clean install? If you did a upgrade I bet thats your problem. Try doing a clean install of XP (delete the windows and program files directory's) that way there's no old windows registry or .ini settings messing with your system.