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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Admiral Michael, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. Admiral Michael

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    Hey All,

    Well I got Half life 2 for Christmas, great game. Although I have the 5 CD set, I was wondering if there was a way to make it into a DVD.

    Admiral Mike
  2. American Zombie

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    I don't have the cd's as I purchased through steam but I have all of the HL2 files on one dvd.

    If you right-click on Half Life 2 or any game in the "play games" list you can choose the option "backup game files". Now you can back up all your games to dvd or just HL2 by ticking/unticking the boxes in front of the games list.
  3. Heeter

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    Sorry, AZ, I don't understand.

    I think, correct me if I'm wrong, AM was asking if it possible to create 1 DVD image from the the 5 CD images. It is to make installation a breeze, for one.

    I was just going to ask that, but of another game that has 6 CD's.

  4. Sazar

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    what AZ said makes perfect sense since all the files have to be activated using steam... you can backup the files and burn them to a DVD and then install using that... then use your CD key to register...
  5. lancer

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    Ok first off, you would need 2 DVDs. A program called "Gamejack" (google it), would allow you to copy all of the 5 HL2 cds onto 5 separate images (ie 5 files) on your Hard drive and then reload them onto 2 DVDs, the only thing with either this or the HL2 backup is that you'll still have 5 separate files that will have to be accessed, and i think you want just 2 DVDs with two files which you can't get as you purchase the CD version which has split the game 5 ways. But i may be wrong, perhaps the backup version can create two separate DVDs with just two files. Check it out.
  6. Bman

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    You could always try to sell the game, then buy the dvd version.