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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by apu95, Dec 26, 2002.

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    1) for some reason, in my new dell dimension 8250 i cant exit windows messenger even tough i dont have IE, Outlook or anything open. why is this? (does having the .net framework affect this?)

    2) the new dell came with a 120gb HD. all in one partition, so i used partition magic to make 3 partitions, 40, 40, 40. anyways, everytime i boot up it goes into the scandisk thing to scan the third partition. everytime. why??

    thx, and merry xmas and new year,
  2. Iceman

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    Name says it all


    not a Dell fan

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    Can you go into your Task Manager and kill msmsgs.exe?
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    Dell is one of the finest computers you can get. Yes, that's my opinion, but also the opinion of virtually every expert who rates computers for every major industry publication.

    Okay, moving on. Do you have Norton Anti Virus installed? If so, disable it's Instant Messenger protection function.

    Next - it's not scandisk, xp comes with checkdisk instead (don't ask). What you want to do is run chkdsk /r on the partition in question. If it's e: drive, you would go to START - RUN and type: cmd (ENTER)
    At the command prompt in the new window type: chkdsk e: /r (ENTER). You will then get one of two messages. You will either be asked if you want to run chkdsk on the next boot or you will be asked if you want to dismount the the volume. Either way, answer yes. If it needs to reboot, close the command prompt window (type EXIT and ENTER) and reboot. If it dismounts and runs, leave it alone.

    If autocheck continues to run on boot let me know and I or someone else will explain how to disable autocheck.

    And enjoy your Dell. It's a superb machine.
  5. Iceman

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    sorry hate to disagree with my esteemed colleague, from over at tweakxp.

    Right now that Dell computer may or not be great, that is a matter of much debate, (benchmarks will tell the whole story), but what is not debatable is the fact that you can't upgrade that dell in a year or two,

    Can't change the motherboard (most likely the case is not standard size).

    can't take the sound card out and reuse it, (it's built in)

    not sure what video card it has, and whether or not it's part of the motherboard,

    you could reuse the floppy drive and hard drive, cpu, etc.

    not trying to run down your machine just hate seeing people buy pre-made machines for higher prices then if they built it themselves then finding out they can't upgrade the machine.

    hopefully you will build your own machine next time, I guarantee it will run faster and give you alot less trouble.

  6. allan

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    Hey Ice - Merry Christmas - hope all is well.

    I'm really not sure what to say - I just don't understand your post. I currently own 6 Dell systems (4 desktops, two laptops) and have owned 6 or 8 in the past. The soundcards, video cards, motherboards (not sure about size - you may be right there) - everything - are just the same as any other system. Nothing is proprietary and nothing is "built in". The system I'm on now is using an SB Live card with an Nvidia TI200 (the system is about a year old). Dell offers choices of top notch parts from the best manufacturers.

    Unless I'm misreading your post, I don't understand. Sorry.
  7. Iceman

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    well they must have changed stuff from a couple years ago because at that time almost everything was proprietary.

    Merry Christmas to you as well my friend, hope all is well in your world, and hope you have a very happy new year as well.

  8. meisme

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    I have a compaq, and I've upgrded almost every component on my system.
  9. Akash

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    Try and install/upgrade your msn, to say 5 if it comes to that... and see how it goes i guess

    off the topic, but i dont think any mfgs are great these days

    ive worked for dan, tiny and briefly for dell in the making of the machines production line as part of high school work experience some 4-5 years back and i was not impressed at the quality of knowledge the people had, nor the parts that were used.

    best im sure people will agree on is to build your own
    you get the high quality parts by which you can chose by brand name and model (and reviews)

    you get it cheaper most times even if it costs more as a system than a dell machine, because at the end of the day, you've paid a bit extra for the brand named parts

    you learn a lot more. the only thing id say you miss out is your services... onsite warranty etc, most vendors offer what 1 year warranty, and thats back to base.

    if i >had< to chose a prebuilt machine, then, yes it would be dell. the rest dont seem to be standing much longer. although i have to admit, the dell laptops rock :-> (even if its image of the laptop it self seems to be somewhat bland)
  10. KLoWn

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    I Would never buy a Dell Desktop For myself...

    For a enduser that don't know what to do and always has problems i would always recommend dell. Their service and support is the best. (Made my father get one so he would call THEM on what to do when something goes wrong. Saved myself bout $20 a month in phone bills)

    Funny thing is I do own a Dell... Just a Laptop though (Inspiron 8200) I had to have something mobile and that could take some punishment with a good warrenty.

    Ladies and Gentlemen That is why there are so MANY computer mfgs out there. Everyone has different opinions and tastes.

    If you want warrenty and service support Go Dell...

    If you want SPEED ya better build it yourself this requires research...

    Ok Back On Topic Do You Have Nortons AntiVirus?
    If so disable Messenger Monitering...

    Or ctrl - alt - del Processes tab - end msmsgs process
  11. Jmtyra

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    They are integrating some componets...I suppose to make room on the limited PCI expansion bays (they only use 4).

    On the current model in question (the 8250), the NIC is integrated, the sound could be the same depending on how it was ordered, and the smallest video card that can be purchased with that model is a 64MB DDR NVIDIA_ GeForce4 MX (AGP). The PSU is not standard ATX form factor but I believe the mobos are normal ATX. As for the case, it's one of those 'screwless' jobs.

    Personally, I would rather build my own. But that's just me. :happy:
  12. TechSupport

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    I highly rate Dell systems too... a mate of mine has had several Dell systems both at home and at his office... all his systems have been well built, well configured, and well... just well good :D

    Personally, I would sooner build my own system as its cheaper, but if I couldnt build a system or had to recommend someone to a person, Dell would be #1 definitely.

    As for the MSN problem, i get that while Norton AV is running. If you want it off, just sign off (or do my trick... go into "appear offline" mode lol)
  13. Eck

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    I had a Dell Dimension 4100 for two years. It was fine. It benchmarked the same as other 800 MHz machines with a similar setup. It had a sound card, AGP video. I could have upgraded it to my hearts content, except for a new motherboard. It had a proprietory front panel connector. That was the only thing... everything else was standard.
  14. GoNz0

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    the year 2525
    omg what a slag dell off post :eek:

    not that i would have one anyway, unless it was a dell offer..

    Don't suspose your running norton 2003 are you, if you are you wont be ablle to kill msn as norton has an active msn plugin thats activated when msn is detected. same as having hotmail open, its using msn so you cant kill the app. close everything then stop the norton auto protect on msn, it will close then.
  15. Jmtyra

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    Not true (in my case). I have NIS 2k3 and XP--I don't have MSN running ever (I use trillian) but I do have the plugin activated. So it is possible to have the NIS protect MSN messenger and still not have it running all the time.

    Then again, I have the messenger service disabled, so....

    Screenshot to help simplify what I'm yappin about. ;)
  16. ZipTriX

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    Uh NAV messenger option only works with MSN 4.6 or 4.7, not with 5.

    Also, couple years ago, you couldn't update a Dell. Probably can now, which would be a surprise.
  17. Jmtyra

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    :huh: Sorry to call you on that post, but I believe you are mistaken. The latest version that is publically available is 4.7, so no, NAV/NIS will not support something that is not even out yet. See this link for more information on the lastest MSN Messenger version available for public download.

    Were you referring to an alpha or beta that is in testing?

    A couple of years ago you could not upgrade a lot of things. Times change I suppose. :blink:

    Thanks for the information Ziptrx.
  18. omgsoup

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    My dell (dimension xps t500) which i bought in dec. of 1999, has been easily upgraded. extra RAM, new processor (powerleap.com), new video card, i don't really have 5.1 surround sound speakers, but i could've upgraded my SB Live! value soundcard, if i had the need, i added a 10/100 network card, the only thing you can't do on dells is replace the mobo, but even then you can buy kits to make a new PSU/mobo be compatable with your mobo/PSU. but i mean, if you're going to go on ahead and get a new mobo-processor upgrade, its not going to hurt to spend an extra $134 to get a case and PSU to replace the one that won't work with your new mobo, or just straight up get a new comp.

    speaking of laptops, i have a good $3500 to spend on a laptop for college in the fall, i thought about tosiba, but i like the custimozation avalible with the dell. i've also thought about the alienware area 51-m. if anyone could give a good recomendation on what i should get, that'd be great.
  19. KLoWn

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    I am very Pleased with my Dell Inspiron 8200.
    Had it for 4 months now and had to use the warrenty but it was my fault.
    Went with the Geforce 4. the 1.8mhz With graphic support CPU
    512 ddr
    40gig Hd
    40gig Modular
    CDRW Modular
    XP Pro

    A few other details here and there but the total was $3500

    With warrenty and all they are hard to beat for a Lappy...