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    could someone with a bit of knowledge on hackers please help me.
    recently, some1 sent an e-mail to my bird's brothers partner, who lives in london, telling her she was fat etc.

    he still lives at home with my girlfreind and her mum and he thinks that someone has hacked into his computer, got his girlfriend's e-mail and sent her this.

    he thinks some hacker has been looking through documents and found out info about his partner, like her e-mail, she lives in london, is fat and looks like a man etc.

    the point is, he has just got a cable modem and now he has banned every1 from using the computer, apart from him, because he says he needs to wait 3 weeks to get rid of the hacker.

    the guy is a arsehole and a mega ku-coo but it's out of order he is being a dick when he hasn't got a clue clue about anything.

    anyway, all i need if for someone who knows a bit about it to write an explanation about why he is talking shite, so i can show him and his mum so that the computer can be used.
    i have tried to explian that no one would want to hack his computer and that they will hack him anyway if he goes online, but he is now obsessed about them finding out where he lives and getting his bank details

    now please try and stop pissing yourselves as i know how insane this sounds but is true an highlights how much of a plonker he is.

    so could some1 please help me.
    the funny thing is, the e-mail wasn't even sent from his e-mail address or computer. it could have been any1 as his partner is not the most liked person in the world, if you know what i mean.

    cheers if you can write me an explanation for him
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    Explain to him that no one, not even a computer-geek hacker, wants to email a fat pig living in britton w/ bad teeth calling her names.

    Remind him that there are many other ways that someone got her email address. Like IRC if she accidently typed it in. Who knows, maybe it was her friend who got pissed at her.

    Remind him that if someone did hack his computer, they would not look at the email accounts then proceed to email that person. The bad hackers would delete files :(, put a virus, or trojan, or in most cases, leave a text file on the desktop explaining to them that they've been had :). Remind him Hackers like to get that feeling that they've acheived something, and what better, than to drive a fat, crazy red-neck nuts over someone emailing his fat ugly british girlfriend.

    And remind him it was probally his alter ego who emailed her
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    i know that, but he is a loony.
    at the end of the day, anyone could have sent the e-mail because it is no secret she lives in London and the things written weren't exactly things you would need to hack into a computer for.
    besides, he hasn't got a hacker.
    he's just a psycho. someone sent his bird an email calling her names- big deal. does that mean if someone gives you a crank phone call you need to let only 1 person use the phone for 3 weeks to get rid of the hacker?????lol

    where did he come upi with 3 weeks from anyway.
    he said he read it in an internet magazine.
    only 1 person should use the cpu for 3 weeks to limit the amount of information sent out, so you can tell if someone has found out the information you sent.

    when i actually type this then read it i realise how much help this guy needs.

    this is not a wind up bye the way.
    this numpty actually believes what i have written.
    i wont give him the link to this forum or god help you all. LOL
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    mmmmmmmmmm........crack what?
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    mmmmmm.... crack what.... tweaker.... tweaker
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    i dont think those drugs are working elderec
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    maybe your pipe needs cleaning

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    what pipe? that's the question
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    Good reply DrMetallica. I've often read about people who say
    their computer was hacked and wondered what a hacker might do. Another good reason not to keep sensitive info. in it.

    paulg11, there are many mean and deranged people on the
    internet who do cruel things. If the original email still exists
    couldn't someone trace the IP # ?
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    tell him to contact his isp if he is that paranoid. The original email should contain the information needed in the headers for the isp to find out where the message originated.
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    Thank you
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    listen up your bird's brothers partner has got nothing to worry about, its proberly some dumb ass script kiddy thats used an anomous emailer to send the email if thats the case then morethan likly you wont be able to trace the "hackers" lmao IP address, all your bird's brothers partner can do is to keep antivirus program updated and use a firewall to make his pc more secure.
    a nother way the email address could have been obtained is posably over hearing your bird's brothers partner giving it out to some one esle or her email address is on some one elses contact list.