Hackers are coming to get you!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Lee, Apr 16, 2004.

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    This is what I read.

    I wonder :rolleyes:

    You can only see it at mo if you're on aol.

    So I posted what i pasted and copied here:

    Computer users were facing a vicious double threat today as yet another new supervirus was revealed while a global gang of hackers threatened to bring down the Internet.

    The new virus, called Netsky-V, is a next-generation virus that can infect computers even if the user does not open a rogue email.

    Previously, viruses only hit PCs if a suspect email was opened and an attachment downloaded.

    The nasty Netsky-V version can go to work wrecking computers even if the user only clicks on the subject line of the email.

    Meanwhile, another gang of malevolent hackers were warning they intend to cause the Web to grind to a halt next week.

    Experts monitoring the Web have detected a co-ordinated attempt to hack into the world’s most powerful supercomputers and server systems in an attempt to cause major disruption across the world.

    Massive systems at America’s Stanford University, the San Diego Supercomputer Center, and the US National Center for Atmospheric Research have been targeted in recent days.

    One US anti-virus expert said it was believed the computer criminals were attempting to harness the massive power of the supercomputers to bring down Web sites and email systems.

    A spokesman for AOL UK said: "Computer hackers and viruses are a significant threat to all Internet users, particularly those on broadband. "Motivations range from simple virtual vandalism to serious commercial gain, so they are a threat we take very seriously. For example, AOL provides free email anti-virus scanning for all members and free firewall software for broadband users as part of its subscription to make it safer for its members when they are online."
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    read most of that the other day ;) ... and thats not the 1st version of that virus (or others) to be executed by highlighting the subject. I think it only works in Outlook and OE ... if not someone correct me.
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    and im sure windows update fixed it a few days ago
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    is this a windows exploit again?
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    maybe if AOL would close their relays they wouldn't spread as fast :p