H&D2 released!

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by jones, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. jones

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  2. jones

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    Happy to say I have this game now.

    And guess what? Its the best game Ive ever played! Everything is just top notch! Mutliplayer is superior. lots of weapons, lots of vehicles. many modes of play w/ lots of custom options. Atmosphere, top notch graphics, the TENSE and SCARY feeling of battle.

    This is really a ground breaking game. ITs what ive been looking for since I first played rainbow six(first one) back in the day. Sigh, waited for so long for a game like this. so do yerself a favor and buy this before they run out of copys.

    Good bye CS! Hello HD2!

    I'll post some screens later tonight :p
  3. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    Ja voll... !
  4. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Saw this on the shelves on friday over here (uk)
    same release date as fifa2004, maxpayne2 and er, something else ;p

    needless to say i got mp2, currently writing the review on my head.
  5. jones

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    Ah, no webspace here. But I played some mp last night, we need some stable servers, just bunch of non-dedicated. Should soon, players are multipling.
  6. gleek

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    w00t! cant wait to see this in action...

  7. punkandacoke

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    at the end of the rainbow
    dude. the game looks awsome. im gonna go get it as soon as i get some cash.
  8. Tigerrath

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    The old H&D days

    I remeber the old days. it was a fun game. I hope the new one is just as good.
  9. jones

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    Best game I've ever played! Only problem is we need a good patch, they've told us it should be out soon. It prevents good multiplayer servers from going up because servers are crashing when the map changes. so soon we will have 32 person servers going and all will be good. very good. Its just such a detailed game. you can see roots on the sides of trenches and inside bunkers. get your helmet shot off and it goes *ding*, chuck a nade, find helmet and put it back on. hehe. Can drive tanks and jeeps in mp! and the sounds, ohh the sounds. the engines of vehicles sound very real. best ive ever heard. Nades do almost nothing to tanks. but you can put a sticky bomb on them or just shoot it w/ a bazooka.
  10. Maveric169

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    Is there a demo of the game? I would like to try it out. I tried to do the mini-game but the sign up deal is screwed up.
  11. Petros

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    ...no demo yet :( It's worth buying though.

    It feels kind of like Rogue Spear, only more action-oriented.