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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by zalood, Dec 18, 2002.

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    Brand your Start Menu with a picture on the right panel.


    Use StyleBuilder
    Open your theme
    Goto StartPanel > PlacesList

    Edit the StartPanelPlacesBackground.bmp
    The bmp original size is w 224 x h 6
    Resize this bmp to w 224 x h 190
    Do not change the width.
    You can do trial & error with the height size
    depending to the height of the picture.

    Copy & paste your picture onto the resized bmp and save

    Next look into Properties Panel on the bottom of StyleBuilder.
    You will see list of properties.
    You only need to change 1 item of the properties.

    Sizing Margin:
    original setting is
    left: 172
    top: 3
    right: 7
    bottom: 1
    change this to
    left: 1
    top: 1
    right: use the slider > put this slightly left of the picture
    bottom: use the slider > put this slightly above the picture
    (you will see the slider as lines in the picture to the right of properties panel)

    Next Action > Compile & Apply . . . your done.

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    New York
    sweet tip.
    good info zalood.
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    Very very " Cool " .... And sweet. :) How do you people find all these cool ideas?

    I'll try it out. :cool: :cool: Thanks.
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