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    As some people have had troubles getting into the chat room, I thought I would make some guides on how to come and join us.

    This guide will show you how to get into the room using the Win32 X-Chat IRC Client. X-Chat is an open source IRC client, available for most platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, BSD) offering improved security over most other clients and a no-nonsense approach to using IRC.

    Update: As of version 2.4.0, X-Chat for Windows is now Shareware and can only be used for 30-days before registering, however source is still available and can be built for free

    Update #2: Free builds of X-Chat for Windows are available from - Please note that these builds require (very little) more effert to use, all information is on the web-site.

    Your first step will be to obtain the X-Chat client, which you can do by visiting the site at

    The X-Chat site.

    At the top of the site, you will see links for the latest version to be downloaded. You can get the latest .exe files for windows from the /files/binary/win32/ folder.

    Windows Binaries.

    Look at the list of binaries and download the one with the highest number and letter combination, for example, at the time of writing this would be the xchat-2.0.10c.exe file

    File Download.

    Once downloaded, double-click the .exe file and you will be presented with basic installation options such as creating icons and the installation directory.



    Once installed you can launch the client from
    • Desktop shortcut (if created)
    • Start Menu Shortcut (if created)
    • install dir/xchat.exe
    Upon first starting the client you will be presented with the following screen:

    Details Screen.

    Fill in your details here, the first top 3 boxes will be the name that others see when you are chatting. The next 2 deal with information provided if another person performs a /whois on you.

    Next you will need to add the SqueakNet Network information, to do this, simply click the edit-mode box on the bottom left and then click the "add" button next to networks at the top.

    If you would like an easier method to add the server, then please take a look at the following resource:

    Rename the network you just created to Squeaknet and add servers to the list on the right. (Optional: Tick the auto-connect option, and add #osnn into the 'Join Channels' box). The dialog should now look something like this:

    Server Properties.

    Click the connect button and you should be on your way to joining us, if you added #osnn into the join channel you will join the room automatically, if not simply type "/join #osnn" and you will then be talking to us.

    [​IMG] chat room.

    You are now in the chat room, simply type what you wish to say and follow it with the return key.

    That should be all, you should now be happily talking to us, of course one thing to bear in mind is the time barrier, most of us will not be online at the same time due to varying time zones, but be patient and someone will probably be around ;)

    Anyone questions or comments may be posted below, other than that.. enjoy :)
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    *ahem* under the last image you have written " chat room." :p
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    Thanks for the guide! Looks like I need to update mine!
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    You lie! thank god for edit
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    i started to do the same..........but not finished it yet :p

    feel free to make into html so 1 big guide can be made :s