GTAIII Staunton Island Cheat

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Powerchordpunk, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. This is a cheat and shouldn't be given any respect:

    If you want to go mess around in staunton island before you're supposed to, follow this cheat:

    1. Get a fast car (I prefer police car) and find a way to get it past the roadblocks on the bridge. You can do this by driving in from the side (a little tricky) or get the cops on your tail and just wait for them to get past the roadblock and onto the bridge.

    2. Once you are on the bridge inside your car, turn on the flying cars cheat (Type CHITTYCHITTYBB).

    3. Now go really fast in your fast car and where the gap in the bridge is, if you are going fast enough, you will make it to the other side by flying. Once you land it should say Welcome to Staunton Island.

    NOTE: If you die in staunton during this little escapade, you will go back to the hospital in liberty city. I don't know about missions ( I think the first ones on the map - never tried it) but you can save your game and cars at your home there.
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    useless :(
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    This cheat was quite fun for an hour or so. Got a tank and turned the turret behind me so I got that "explosive" boost, typed the cheat, and I went flying from island to island, sometimes even staying in the air for more than a minute. :D