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    When i crash into a showcase window or shoot at cars with guns gta3 crashes and i have to press the windows logo button to get out and i have a unhandled exception error! and its not the same one as the one on the support website. its at a different address and i already had direct x 8.1 now i have 9 this happens on my laptop and my pc on my laptop im running windows 2000, and the pc its windows xp pro! and i already applied the patch for xp. it also runs slowly on my pc even though i got a voodoo5 which someone already had one on and it works fine for them!:mad:
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    works great on my machine! *RUNS*

    erm not got a clue m8. soz.

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    Have you tried increasing / decreasing your agp apperture size from bios? It's suppose to help (read from the gta3 forums)

    Edit: Oh and if you have a warezzzz version (wich you ofcourse dont have :D) make sure you have the right crack.
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    your voodoo5

    its your voodoo5, the drivers don't support directx 8.1

    go to

    they are getting major problems, but some people got it to work with some drivers.