GTA3 with PS2 Controller Help

Discussion in 'Console Gaming' started by S1RE, Apr 22, 2003.

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    I bought a PS2-USB Converter to use a Playstation 2 joystick on my PC and I installed the drivers which Merconnet provided, calibrated it and I can't redefine the controls inside GTA3 with analog on or off to register. The D pad and Analog can't be set as a control.

    This was the sole purpose of purchasing this Converter and PS2 Joystick if I can't use it then they are getting sent back.
  2. Taurus

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    does it work with other games?
  3. S1RE

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    ooops I didn't realize it just works I never even had to set up the analog for it to work-- lol
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    complaining about something that works perfectly fine. i do that 3 times a day!:D
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    Playstation 3 with integrated 40GB hard disc and a wireless controller, plus Grand Theft Auto IV game.

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