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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by sammy5gs, Aug 17, 2002.

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    Hey All...

    I need some help - I am doing the Espresso-2-Go Mission on Staunton Island and am running out of time. I always finish with 8 of the 9 espresso stands, whether I go from Portland to Staunton to Shoreshide Vale, or the other way around. I have tried fast cars, I have tried a number of things, but am still stuck. Any thoughts on how you guys got through this...


  2. RagnaroK

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    I also had some trouble with that mission. But I found that if you drive around all three islands, you can "scout" out the all stands first. Then it is just a matter of seek and destroy.
    Here's a list of the stands for your reference:
    - next to the Portland Docks in Trenton.
    - next to the entrance to Salvatore's mansion in Saint Mark's.

    - next to the car park in Newport.
    - inside the park at Belleville Park.
    - in front of the church at Bedford Point.
    - a little ways down the street from the one in front of the church.
    - near the star-shaped statue in Torrington, about a block away from Kenji's casino.

    - near the subway in front of Francis International Airport.
    - at the hospital at the top of the hill in Pike Creek.
    Hope that helps! :D
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    Be sure to go at the exact way like Rangrock said:
    Portland, than Staunton Island and then Shoreside Vale.

    In Portland watch out - there are a lot of enemies - Triads, Forellies and cops (haha) that will try to kill you.

    Go to for more tips