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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by banter, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. banter

    banter Guest

    I have played vice city for while and completed the missions but it's only 60% complete!

    What else is there to do ??

  2. Teddy

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    The other 40%
  3. chris

    chris Free to Fly

    har :)

    Have you looked around and completed all the mini missions? the ones you get from answering the phones around the city.

    The rampages/challenges also count to the total percentage completed
  4. versionfiv

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    Washington DC lifting......etc.
  5. dubstar

    dubstar format c:

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    ambulence runs, fire engine runs, vigilante runs.
  6. banter

    banter Guest

    thanks, but now i have a bigger problem. It wont even start !!!

    I double click on the .exe and nothing happens.
    I reinstalled it but no difference.
    I recently installed the update kb823980 (the virus fix) could this have caused the problem. If so how do i get around it (because i cant unistall the update)

  7. Vorpal

    Vorpal Guest

    Your user files (save games and config) are stored in:

    "C:\Documents and Settings\--Your user if XP--r\My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files\"

    You could try deleting or moving "gta_vc.set" which should contain your video options, and give you a clean default options startup.
  8. banter

    banter Guest

    Thanks, that solved the problems.

    Thanks very much
  9. Tristan

    Tristan Guest

    Getting the game %100 done does'nt give you anything special other than accomplishment. No special missions or secret easter eggs I'm sorry to say.
  10. Dubbin1

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    Never ever forget to pick up some hookers and go parking ;)
  11. D!ABOL!C

    D!ABOL!C Guest

    well, you get infinite ammo and a tshirt that says I beat the game and all I got was this crappy T-Shirt. You also get some body guards you can rent at the mansion.
  12. Bail

    Bail Guest

    how do i rob shops?
  13. D!ABOL!C

    D!ABOL!C Guest

    There are 15 specific stores to rob, so find those. You rob them by going up to the cashier with a gun drawn and aim it at him, he will start putting money on the desk. When the the alarm goes off and your warning level gets to 2, then the robbery will count in the stats.
  14. Codasmd

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    I am so stuck on the checkpoint carlie mission right now, with the boat. Those triple jumps screw me up evertime.

    Incidently, I got 20 bounces of the ball on my head. :)
  15. lieb39

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    When you beat the game you get the body guards (which are a nice feature) you get to go to a special spot in the strip club, and more.... can't think of anything right now.. but if you get 10o packages you get the apache helicoper at the army base...