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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Cosmin, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. Cosmin

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    I've been blocked in a mission . I must kill a guy on that garage ( last level ) but when I get down from the jeep ( where I cannot get recognized ) the mission fails . Any ideeas ? Thanks :)
  2. GT2000

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    Ah, talking about killing Kenji on the top of the garage right?

    Here's the easiest way, drive up, run his ass over, then in the same direction (with a slight right turn to the corner), hit the ramp and fly off the top of the garage.
  3. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    thanks a lot , worked ! And the last question : How many cities are in this game ? [ I'm at 3'rd ]
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  5. Geffy

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    anybody got any tips for the mission where you have to blowup/destroy all of the columbian coffee stalls that are dealing SPANK. Examples of weapons to use, cars, tips on how many there are on each island things like that.
  6. ZAnwar

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    There are 2 stalls in Shoreside Vale. 3 in Staunton Island and 2 in Portland !

    I THINK, not sure coz I completed the game about 3 times ages ago !
  7. avsdotcom

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    I found that once u had actually SEEN all the stalls, u then have as much time as you want to drive around trashing them all :D
  8. RagnaroK

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    Actually there's another way of doing this mission. Personally, when I did it, I got out of the car exactly ONE level below Kenji (and the mission didn't fail), ripped out a bazooka, and starting firing at the roof. You usually either kill Kenji above, or kill his guards, making it easier to kill Kenji. Then you do the usual escape routine. :D
  9. dijital

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    i do the same thing. kill without seeing them or being seen.
  10. TLJ_Rapier

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    yeah i know, idiots
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    u mean the expresso mission?...i think that mission was easy..first u need to roam around the city without destroying the stands so that the blue box will appear in your map which it indicates where the stalls are..(shoreside-2,staunton-5,portland-2)... if all the 9 stalls appears in your map then its time to destroy them one by one..if i wer you dont use any weapons..just use ur car...always remember,relax when playing the game!:):cool:
  12. TLJ_Rapier

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    from your left