GRRR!! DSL probs!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by emmie-chan, Dec 4, 2001.

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    hey guys... well, here's my problem:

    on thursday last week, the DSL stopped working for all the computers in my house. before then, all of them were connected to a router. we called sbc pacbell and they said that the DSL in my area wasn't working. fine. wutever.

    then on like friday or saturday, the DSL *supposedly* came back up again. HOWEVER now the only way it works is if it's connected directly to ONE computer. when we try to install the router, NOTHING works. currently, i'm the lucky winner that got the DSL, but still... this is really irritating! :mad:

    is it a router problem? my dad's bought a new model and it still doesn't work, even though all the right lights are green. or maybe it's something with the DSL? something about cross-wiring? do i need a hub? wuts a hub?! :confused: i don't know wut to do! i'm not very computer literate - i mean, i know how to use it and install stuff, but this is like WAY over my head!

    someone help me please!! :(
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    Goto and hover over Guides > ADSL > Windows XP and ADSL. It's virtually the same.

    Down the bottom of the ADSL and XP, there is a link to a DrTCP program. It should send you to a site to d/l it. There is a screen shot on his site of how to set the program up on each machine.

    More detailed instructions there.

  3. emmie-chan

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    not to sound, um, dumb or anything, but wut will this do to my computer/DSL exactly? i don't really want to install anything without knowing all the details first, u know?
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    It doesn't install as such. It's a stand-alone program, that will tweak your TCP/IP to accept incoming/outgoing internet "packets". You can delete it at anytime without harming your system.