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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by mooo, Jan 23, 2006.

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    I been looking to confess some stuff and grouphug is not allowing post for now. Is there any kind of alternate so i can get this stuff off my mind :p they are so funny and yet so bad..

    Like once, I was sleeping(like zzz, sharing a bed) with an ex gf, and i have had kidney stones in the past SO my blatter is very "iffy" so i ended up wetting the bed (its odd though because I have not done it since or did it before since i was a kid haha), and i woke up and she didn't so i took a shower, came back laid down (not in the piss) and blamed her and she still thinks it was her to this day haha..

    yes i know i am wrong and yea I kinda want to "clean the soul" :p

    BTW before you judge you saying you wouldn't have done the same.. noone wants to be known as a person who wet the bed when they are 21-22, I can be bed pissed but not real life, that goes on your perm. record
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    Hahaha! That's brilliant. :laugh:
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    I think I understand what he said,though I'm not quite sure what a blatter is and what the last sentence actually means I have no idea :laugh: