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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by morrizee2001, Feb 27, 2005.

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    I want to buy a Nvidia Geforce 6800 OC graphics card and want to know if it will give me a better picture quality than the craphics card I have now. Now I just have a NV Geforce FX 5500. I know the 6800 OC is much better but I am asking because my flat panel monitor only has capabilities to produce 1024x768 at a refresh rate of 75 htz. It is a simple 15" Dell flat panel monitor. Would this graphics card give me better game play and picture quality with this type of monitor or would I just be wasting my money?
    Help would be appreciated.
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    Complicated question. It gets a definite maybe.

    You have to be careful with LCDs. They have a "native" resolution, the actual number of LEDs on the display. If you go to a different resoluiton, higher or lower, image quality is "interpolated" (guessed at) so the image may not look as good. If you want to go to 1280x? you will be disappointed.

    Next LCDs exhibit smearing due to lower responce times (latency) than a CRT. So increasing your FPS may not help the image quality in games. Whether this is a problem depends on how good your LCD is. Check the latency rating on it. Older ones were in the 27 millisecond range or higher the latest gaming ones are like 16 milliseconds. The smaller the number the better.

    Finally. If your screen lags out while you are playing (freezes or gets real slow when the action gets intense or something blows up in your face) the 6800 should be a big help. I say should because it also depends on the processor and amount of ram in your computer how much the 6800 will help. You will also be able to set all of your detail settings to max for a more enjoyable game look.

    Glad I could further confuse you.
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    Hey i have 2 of the bfg 6800gt oc's and im using the dell 2001fps (20.1 inch) and the response time is 16ms. the best it can do is 1600/1200 at 60hz and it rawks SLI. i would say if your response time is less that 25ms get the video card. if not get a new monitor first then video card. i would recommend this monitor to anyone. true you dont get 10000x10000 resolution but its super ez on the eyes and looks great .. on screen and itself. the price of the pci e 6800gt oc ..a coupld hundred more youd have this monitor and be much more pleased and maybe by then the price might have come down some.