graphics card cycling and mouse freezing

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by greggustin, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. greggustin

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    strange co-incidence
    last week - mother -in law DELL home computer
    the cursor would freeze for a few seconds - then all ok
    shrugged it off
    then today - on my home computer
    (no files shared - not networked - NO connections)

    I started getting random graphics card shut down
    (ie monitors searching for signal)
    and or
    hundreds of miscolored pixels(using 2 LCD monitors)
    ATI xx1800xl = no overclocking - Omega drivers (current)
    and my mouse cursor would freeze
    ran Task manager and saw spikes in CPU usage from 4 tp 90%
    but NO process was identified - because even task manager was freezing
    ran ad-adware and spy ware
    no culprits
    I am not a DL junkie - I keep close tabs ob my system
    not heat related - I keep side of computer off and have a 9" fan blowing right in all the time

    did a few reboots = mouse stopped freezing
    still getting some pixel dust on the 2nd monitor

    any ideas?

    550 watt pwr
  2. XeoNoX

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    format and reinstall windows with the latest drivers
  3. LeeJend

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    Wrong pixels is a graphics card issue. Possibly the cable. Try swapping the monitors and if the pixels are just on one monitor it could be the cable (or monitor).

    Uninstall the Omega and install the Latest catalysts from ATI. If the problem goes away you know the source. If it is still there it is an issue with the card and you would need to reinstall ATI drivers before ATI tech support will talk to you.

    First guess this time of year is heat. Is the room any warmer lately than it was? Get some canned air and dust off your heatsinks and fans. Check your GPU, System and CPU temperatures. Bad pixels in 2D is usually not a heat issue but check anyway. Tis the season for heat death.

    Your mother in laws computer was just had the CPU loaded up with a hard drive access, file transfer, non-responding peripheral, etc. If it doesn't repeat ignore it.