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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Tdoan14, Feb 20, 2003.

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    i'm currently using Intel Integrated video and audio, i think video is 4mb... but i'm thinking of buying a new video card, but don't know how much i should spend and what to buy... AGP or PCI? i'm thinking about going to 64mb pci...
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    Ok mate, do you have any clue about pcs? you look like a bit of a noob to me, (not being nasty) well you say you wanna go pci, what is the reason for this? if you have an agp slot then definataly go AGP this stands for Advanced Graphics Processor methinks it is designed purely with graphics cards in mind. Stay away from pci unless you dont have an AGP slot. PCI tends to be slightly more expensive yet does not perform anywhere near as good as an AGP card.

    64mb is good enough if you wanna run mid range games but that depends on if its DDR or SD-RAM and what chipset it is, if says it a 64MB DDR ATI Radeon 8500 then its very quick and a quite a performance card but say its in a geforce 2 GTS then not so good. 128mb is the new technology for graphics cards. give us some idea of your budget and stick to it.

    Can you tell us your system spec? if you want a decent 64mb card then you will be looking at £100 - 150 or bout $150 to $200

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    he never said he wanted to use pci :) he was asking whether to get pci or agp... :)

    for tdoan...

    asking same same stuff as skazzy :)

    - whats the specs on your current computer
    - what are you going to use the video card for
    - what is your budget

    just give a basic idea of the needs and you will get a bunch of responses... I would also advise that you read up on installation of video cards et al in order to have an idea of what is involved...
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    yeah i dont really now alot about my computer but i do know some of the general stuff... i'm not really a gamer but i do play some games that require a good video card... i'm 16 and i dont have a job, so i'm planning on getting a good video card that costs less than $100... i dont want the best but i also dont want the worst...

    general information:
    Processor: intel pentium 3 733mhz
    RAM: 384 MB
    Hard Drive: Western Digital 40GB
    OS: Windows XP
    Monitor: Sony 17 inch. flat screen
    Keyboard and mouse: microsoft
    DVD drive: toshiba 16x
    CD Writer- HP 9100 series
    Sound and Video are integrated with the intel motherboard...

    anyways i hope that all made sense...

    how do i know if i have agp? i know i have pci...
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    what brand and model of PC do you have? knowing that will help us determine what you can do with it..
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    To see if you have an agp slot, just have a look at your motherboard, the agp slot is a brown slot slightly longer than the white pci slots, situated above the pci slots. If you don't have an agp slot it might be better to buy a cheap socket 370 board with one because getting a pci card just really isnt worth it IMO.
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