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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Izzy, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. Izzy

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    I came across this site while I was find forums related to Gmail and I found a post regarding my program gPopper.

    Right now gPopper is in a BETA pre-release as a reward to donators to my site, and the Official version will be available for free to the public on September 10th.

    I just posted several screenshots at for those of you that are interested. I have made significant improvements over previous versions of PGtGM and have fixed all the bugs related to the login procedure change that Gmail made about a month ago.

    Thanks and enjoy!

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    thanks for advertizing with us...
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    Why would I 'donate' for a beta version when the final will be free? :blink:
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    Don't go there jewelzz..

    This topic, and many others regarding izzy has been hashed so many times over in the forums ( is the original creator of Pop Goes the GMail)

    See topics here:

    and also here:

    And on Izzy's own forums.. which Izzy decided to start deleting some of the posts he didn't like...

    That's not to say anything too negative to Izzy.. he did take up the development of PGtGM after Jaybe stopped doing development on it.
  6. Izzy

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    The pre-release was just a reward for donators as a way to say thank you. Some people don't understand it and think that it's a negative thing, but like I've said a thousand times now, I still think it's a positive.

    Anyone who didn't want to donate could have waited until the official release on September 10th, which is completely free to the public.

    I wasn't trying to get people to donate, I figured most people would just wait the two weeks for the official release. Since then, many people have donated and I appreciate that very much. Maybe they donated because they were anxious, or maybe they just wanted to help out since I have spent so much time and energy continuing the development of PGtGM.

    Who knows? I just wanted to get the word out that the official release is almost here and that the screenshots have been posted. ;)

    Thanks for looking,