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Discussion in 'Windows Server Systems' started by SubGuns, Jul 8, 2009.

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    ok i am running win 2k3 server on my AD / GP machine i have gone in to the user group i want to set a wallpaper for set to for that user group
    Desktop/Active Desktop hide

    PolicySettingActive Desktop WallpaperEnabledWallpaper Name:\\solution\bg\print.bmpWallpaper Style:CenterPolicySettingDisable Active DesktopDisabledEnable Active DesktopEnabledAllows HTML and JPEG Wallpaper

    when i log on it does not pull the file which is shared w/o restriction now the user is a striped down access user only access is web, my docs, and programs on approved list public terminals at a library am i missing a step?
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    Hmm could you paste that in again with better formatting?

    But otherwise, can these users themselves access the share/file once they have logged on or are they prompted for credentials?