Good God! What Have They Done Now?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Powerchordpunk, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. When I say they I am referring to Microsoft. Today I upgraded to the new security pack for IE6. Ok so I am on top of things. Anyway, maybe it wasn't the new updates (I think it was) but whenever I do a search with a search engine, like google or the ie address bar) AND SEARCH "warez", INTERNET EXPLORER CLOSES!

    Do this:

    1. type warez in the address bar of ie and search (with msn) and report what happens. (this is without the new security updates applied)


    2. If you applied the new updates, do a search for warez and tell what happens.


    3. if you dare, if you don't have the sec. updates for ie, do test 1, and if nothing peculiar happens, apply the updates and do test 2. This will see if the security updates from Microshaft are closing ie when you search for warez.

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    LOL warez sux anyways... is all you need! No porn! No tricks!

    oppps did i say that out loud!

    my bad!
  3. i know, but its the principle of it.
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    open IE, then the Help menu, then ABOUT... what updates do you have? I just went to MS updates, and none were available.. I can search for warez..

    version 6.0.2... update: Q313675
  5. updates...

    i have Q313675 and Q316059
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    Re: Hey yo


    dern flu!

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    yeaaap! I just saw that too. Im alittle confused. The article I posted is dated Feb 9, and the article on this hompage is the 11th.

    Either way I think it might have been pulled because I loaded all of my updates about 2 weeks ago and just did a scan at the windows update site 15 mins ago and did not have any updates available. This was listed as a critical update.

    can ya restore to an earlier date? Just a thought!
  9. Look below this.

    I have a pop-up killer. Stops any search for warez. Sorry Bill.
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    :D :p
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    wtf are you using msn search for anyway? be a man and use google. :) and watch yourselves or this post will go bye-bye due to warez info...most likely will anyway, but still.
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    there is no warez info here...hahaha go to the site you will not see the word warez anywhere :D
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    Okay...information on obtaining software through avenues other than legal ones. Happy? =)
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    The least I can do is lock it. :D :p