Good alternative for Ghost?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Flow, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. Flow

    Flow Guest

    Is there a *good* alternative for Norton Ghost?

    I've looked at the trial version of Hard Drive Image (Paragon), but that just won't do the job (why? I have no clue)
    And as far as I know the Powerquest's Drive Image can't handle system partitions under windows.
    So is there another possibility?
    All I want to do is make an image of my freshly installed system and put it on my second HD.

  2. Dick Johnson

    Dick Johnson Guest

    Drive Image

    I don't know where you got your info about Drive Image, but it works perfect. The newest "Drive Image 2002" is outstanding.
  3. JBond007NBC

    JBond007NBC Guest

    I am using TrueImage by Acronis. What I like about it is that you can view the image file after it is created and copy files from it without copying the whole image. You can image from within XP also.
  4. Flow

    Flow Guest

    Dick, I read it at powerquest's site. It says "New imaging technology allows you to create and restore drive images while running in Windows*, unlike other desktop imaging solutions which require booting to DOS " with the * meaning "Non-system partition only".

    But I'll check it out anyway. Thanks!

    As for TrueImage: I'll check that out as well. After all one of them must be worth my buck....I hope ;)

    Thanks again.