Good AGP 4/8x video card and cpu needed

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by wingman411, May 31, 2006.

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    I want to get a new video card for my wife's computer. We don't play games on it, but do some dvd burning and watching dvds. She has a SIS 64 mb 315 card in there now and I want to upgrade her to a 128 or 256 card.

    I don't care if it is ATI based or Gforce or whatever only want to stay under $80 us if possible. I saw so many cards on newegg that fit the bill but I want your opinion on what is the most bang for the buck w/ good quality and reliability.

    The processor is a 900Mz Duron and she has 512mb of pc133 ram. I am also considering upgrading her processor as it can take up to a 1500 athlon cpu and then switch to 512 of ddr 2700 ram as the board has 4 slots depending on the processor installed. If there is a reliable place to get a athlon 1400 or 1500 cpu let me know. Or, if anyone has an old one laying around that they would sell or give me I would pay the shipping.

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    Hey wing,

    Just recently did a massive upgrade on my wife's computer. We both game so her upgrade was quite expensive anyway here are a few websites you can go to they have good bargains, while allowing you to shop for what you need.

    Any one of these websites will work, and I used all 3 to upgrade wife's computer. Tiger usually has the best deals, however price and newegg can be just as good. Good Luck and happy upgrading :)

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    Anything over 1000 was a power pig (by the standards in those days) so you will need an improved heatsink fan for the CPU. They were noisy high speed units. Stay at 1200 or below. I thought I had a 1200 lying around but could not find it.

    I think there is a Frye's in Seattle. They have modern XP MB/CPU combos for $80 every week or so. Consider that as an alternative. Finding a reliable XP1200 and HSF for it may cost as much.

    There is nothing between $50 and $120 that I would buy. My best advice would be find a used 9800 PRO or 6600GT. They are both in the sub $80 range and good cards.

    I did find 2x64MB PC100, 1x128MB PC100, 1x256MB PC100 DIMMs. A 900 Duron, a 450-K6 and a 333 Cyrix PII class processor with their ancient MBs are in the trash now. I need to clean out the junk box more than once a decade.
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