God Darn Cdrw!!!!!

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  1. ok ive been to the artec site downloaded the flash tool firmware update and the cdrw driver..i open up the driver instalation proggie and it asks for a path to mscdex or summit which i dont know about???? where is it?? coz it needs it...also when i opend the flash tool firmware it asked to specify the firmware?? whats that all about???

    if there is any sure solutions or any sugestions..please post em..its really racking me off......bigtime.....

    ive got my aspi layer proprly installed

    win xp pro
    intel celeron 800
    nvidia tnt2 m64 pro
    128 mb ram
    hp motherboard

    the software i use to burn cds is Nero 5.5.40 ( inprocess of getting .( download links on nero site are down- getting it from kazaa)

    if any of that helps i donno.........

  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    What's the exact make and model number of your artec burner?

    Unless you have the WPA-28, i wouldn't try to flash it unless you don't really like your cd-rw, because you'll more than likely cook it and then you'd be using it as a modern motif paperweight or a kinda wierd ashtray.
  3. im not so sure

    ok ive not firmwared it .......... but i need it to work under xp badly......really badly....how do i go about installing it properly..if u could provide a step by step detailed guide for me please?? coz its driving me crazy
  4. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    what model is it?