God bless George Bush!!

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by mavis, Jul 30, 2002.

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    Hey guys, I just posted this at a couple of hardware forums I go to, but I thought you might enjoy it as well ... :) Any thoughts?

    Hmm... just saw some bad news and TV and was reminded of something I read online a few weeks ago. I saw on the news here in Japan that over 50 whales beached themselves near Cape Cod today. That reminded me of an interesting article which talked about the Bush administration ok'ing use of an LFA system for the US Navy.

    Researching a little more about LFA, I found the following information:

    And here's another interesting tidbit:
    IMHO, President Bush should be exposed to, alas, not 160 decibels - but rather the full 215 decibels he thinks are ok for whales to hear.

    Anyway, I seriously wonder if the Bush administration's wanton disregard for life is indeed responsible for the mass beaching today. I really hope not ... :mad:

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    Just so you know I live under Emperor George II and it SUKS A$$
    If you think his reign is bad to watch you ought to try living here...
    I feel so ashamed to be an American with this chimpanzee runnin things I just want to scream...TO THE REST OF THE WORLD...WE DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM...AND WE STILL DONT WANT HIM...THE POLLS YOU SEE ON THE NEWS ARE BS MADE UP CRAP...Trust u me there are a lot of us who want him gone....:mad:
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    Believe me, I know - I was there (I am American, and just moved out of the country a couple of months ago). The whole elections bit was a crock of you-know-what, and it sickened me then, as it does now, to think that people were so naive as to overlook how Bush's strong personal ties with oil and big business would effect decisions he would make in office. While this LFA thing has nothing to do with either big business or oil (I guess), there still remains the fact that while Gore was a big supporter of gov't funded research into alternative energy sources, Bush (for OBVIOUS reasons) has slashed those budgets.

    Anyway, while the alternative energy thing disgusts me as it shows a total disregard for this planet, the outright mass killing of whales bothers me even more, and finally it is something whose effects can be readily seen.

    The scary part is that so many people actually approve of using LFA (according to the msnbc poll), citing concerns for national security. I fail, however, to see how people can connect low-tech terrorism with super-quiet submarine technology. I mean, even if a terrorist like Bin Laden managed to get his dirty hands on a weapon of mass destruction, the fact remains that the delivery method would NOT be a high-tech super-quiet top-secret submarine. The fact that people can blur the lines of reality and distort the risk/threat factor in such a blatantly erroneous way is frightening.


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    Mavis you are one after my own heart...This thread could go on for days and I would not run out of SH%$ to say...sorry for the almost swares but that man will do it to you...
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    thats sad... :(
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    bush is a bit of a crock... his speeches.. his decision making... everything are a bit nutty...

    BUT he does happen to have a very good team... pity they do not have the right to express themselves... look what has happend to colin powel... one of the most decorated men around and he is a mouth piece that routinely gets muzzled...

    I suppose thats one way of killing off any chance the man might have had for the presidency...

    the whales mate... think of whats going to happen in alaska soon.. he protects florida's wildlife for his brothers reelection campaign and then he pushes for drilling in a wildlife sanctuary... thats just nutty...

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    Oh you people are way out of of line the navy DID not have anything to do with whales beaching themselves.
    and do you know why i know this?
    Because I witnessed the cause of this tragedy first hand
    The culprit?
    None other than my wonderful darling wife,she dropped her waterproof sony cd player of the side of my boat with the last NSYNC album playing.
    I can only imagine the vast pain this put the whales through and beaching themselves was there only way out.
    My wife apologises to everyone and promises to know longer listen to S%*#*ty music.
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    Re: Nsync

    LOL:D :p

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    We need men like Ike in the White House!
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    Mavis, I wanna come live with you. I need to get out of hereQ
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    THATA FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!