getting more out of 56k?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by WhereIsThis, Feb 5, 2003.

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    ok, so where I live, the only other option is ISDN, theres no BB here yet, though it's in the town next to us about 3 miles away. I really don't like the idea of going for isdn, for a couple of reasons, firstly, the contracts are for a year, and I won't be around this area, yay for uni, and secondly for the extra cost it hardley seems worth it for what you're getting.

    so are there any ways of getting a better performence out of the modem, the most I can pull from it is about 4.2 :(

    V.90 Conextants (sp?), external modem.

    registery tweaks? drivers .. any sugestions
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    soz mate but i just switched the light off at the end of the tunnel
    but fingers crossd uni will have a nice fast connection 4 you:cool:
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    this is the most comprehensive guide to 56k tweaking I've ever seen


    in addition to this guide

    might be worth contacting your phone provider & ask them to increase the gain on your line.

    old and damaged cables can effect connection speeds
    also other phones connected to the same line can have a detrimental effect

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    I feel your pain.

    Backing up what enyo said, I recently bought an external v.92 with my new computer and it blows my internal piece-of-crap out of the water. Getting speeds of around 5.7k + without any "tweaks".
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    Monroe, LA
    56k sucks no matter what

    Yeah I got a 56k external modem for my linux box and it performs no better then my internal on my windows box. So I have no hope. I average around 3.0kb/s download speeds and 5kb/s upload. I live in Louisiana in the middle of no where so there is no hope for BB unless I get the hell out of here, which I plan to do ASAP when i graduate high school, unfortunately I am only a Junior in HS. :(
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    ok, i'll scour through the guide a mod posted the link to tomorow night, when I get some time, and post back what happens ;)

    i'll give bt a ring and ask them to turn up the gain, and yeh there is another phone connected into the same line (double conecting thingy, if thats what you mean). so i'll just have to remember to switch between.

    cheers for the help, i'll post back to say how it goes.