Get the Merury Icons here!!!!

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by theassman, Apr 10, 2002.

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    Thanks for trying to share these with everybody, but as I'm sure you know, the creator of the icons has explicitly stated that he and he alone will be hosting these icons on his website for both Mac and WinXP, as soon as the 300+ icon set is released on April 17. There's a tutorial online here with directions on porting Mac icons, so if anyone can't wait until the 17th, they're more than welcome to port the icons themselves - but in the meantime, please don't try to distribute your conversions here. I noticed your post at Neowin so if they don't edit you, people can still get the info there...

    Sorry, nothing personal - it's just that Mikkel has obviously put a lot of work in to these icons and it seems really rude to me to post his icons without his permission before they're released - especially when he has so clearly stated that he will be the only one hosting them (hosting for not only Mac users this time, but WinXP people too)...
  2. i have them and i converted them for my personal use :) couldnt wait till the 17th
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    I converted them myself. Couldn't wait to the 17th either.
  4. Hi !

    Can someone share the icons ?

    Thanks in advance !
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    just wait TWO DAYS and they'll be up on wednesday
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    The screenshots sure do look nice... but where is the author's webpage? I want to see it for myself.
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    The website is

  8. Masaki Ando

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