Get Knotted!

Discussion in 'Funny Farm' started by Kirrie2001, Nov 8, 2002.

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    A piece of knotted string walks into a bar and orders a pint.
    After having consumed 5 or 6 pints, the piece of string gets very stoned indeed.
    The barman decides that the string is causing trouble and throws it out, at the same time giving it a damn good hiding, thus leaving it in a tattered heap on the ground.
    The following day, after tidying itself up a bit, the piece of string walks into the same bar again, and asks for a pint.
    The barman looks at the dishevelled piece of string, and says to it, "Hey, are you the piece of string that I threw out yesterday"?

    The piece of string replies, "NO I`m AFFRAYED KNOT.
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    Ahahaha he's afraid not. Ahahahaha
    Good thing I can read. :eek: