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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by hermand, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. hermand

    hermand Guest

    Hello, I'm currently learning PHP but I have no design skills whatsoever :(

    Just wondered if you could be me some constructiv criticism on

    The Vault

    which is just a centralised storage system I was developing (Don't ask ;) )
  2. Jewelzz

    Jewelzz OSNN Godlike Veteran

    I'd center 'the Vault' on the page but other then that, looks nice, good job :)
  3. madmatt

    madmatt Bow Down to the King Political User

    New York
    The layout isn't too bad. A better font might make it more attractive. The colors are decent and it blends well. Keep up the good work.
  4. silent_bob

    silent_bob Guest

    yeah looks good!

    but i would remove the pic of the dog (from the xp search window) out of principle (cos its M$!)!!

    :D :D :D :D
  5. hermand

    hermand Guest

    Cheers guys, I'll act it out as soon as I can