GeforceFX 5900u Vs. Ti4800

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by nycyanki, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. nycyanki

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    I had a 5900 Ultra but switched it with my brothers Ti4800 (the 4600 with 8x agp) for a gift. Does anyone know how much more powerful the 5900 Ultra is then the Ti4800? (in percentage) thx
  2. Sazar

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    in many cases its 2x faster m8.. :)

    specially when you are playing with filtering and other turned on...

    depending on the graphics of the game you are likely to have almost same performance (raw.. no aa/af) to maybe 5-10x the performance (high LOD/res and filtering turned on)

    that plus you have higher level shader support...
  3. nycyanki

    nycyanki Guest

    ok cool, I can live without aa/af and I guess the 5900 was too powerful for the games I play. I'll hold off getting a new card until the Athlon 64's get cheaper, thx for the quick response :)
  4. Black-Syth

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    The Ti4800 is by absolutely no means a bad card, it's just that the 5900 is a MUCH better card. I doubt you'll have any problems running any games for a little bit, and if any insufficiencies come up, there's nothing Powerstrip can't fix eh?
  5. mokuni

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    ill go for the 5900 thx. reasons being its much faster even tho in games for now both cards would give roughly the same output cept when aa and all that is switched on. and 5900 is dx9 so emm yea...oh but drawback, with the 5900 */me hears vacuum cleaner but dont know where its coming from =\:rolleyes: