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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Botty1001, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. Botty1001

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    Hello everyone,

    New member here, needin some help!
    I've got a Creative Geforce 4 Ti4600 card, and just need to know what lead I need to connect it to my TV, and where I can get one from ?

    Any help would be great!!

  2. Sazar

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    are you talking about s-video ?

    if so then you need a tv that supports s-video... i.e. has connector at the back...

    if it does... then your card should have come with an s-video cable or you can buy one and plug it into the tv... then in display options or other software you can select tv... to output stuff :eek:)
  3. Botty1001

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    Yeh my Tv's got a S-Video and Left and Rigth channel Audio ports in the back, partly the reason why I brought it ;)

    Just don't know if it's a standard S-Video male end that plugs into the Graphics card?!
  4. scriptasylum

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    Easiest way to tell would be to simply look at the card's jack and see if the pins would line up, then carefully insert it.

    It should be a standard type plug though. My 4400 uses a standard one; but my old GF2gts used an s-vid type plug, but had more pins, so wasn't compatible without a special adapter.

    Note: Your TV's s-video input is "expecting" video and audio; the gf4 card only outputs video. Not a problem if you only use the TV as just a video screen. If you need the sound to go into the TV too, you'll have to find a way to combine the s-video out from the vid card and the audio out from your sound card and combine these into a standard s-video cable to go into the TV's s-video jack. I'm sure you could buy adapters and stuff, but I think the cabling will start to get messy.

    If the TV also has RCA jacks, you could simply get an s-video to RCA adapter (has s-vid connector on one end and one RCA jack on the other). Route that to the video RCA jack on your TV. Then use a "headphone-plug to RCA" adapter to go from the sound card to the TV's RCA audio jacks.

    Much easier to route just the s-video cable to the TV, then route the audio to a stereo receiver or simply use the PC speakers.
  5. Botty1001

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    Cheers scriptasylum

    Gonna go buy an S-video cable later today, should sort everything out ;)