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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by HaZe, Dec 5, 2002.

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    Im running amd xp +1800 windows xp 512 memery monitor running at 75hz most opengl games like quake3 the images tear... and plz dont tell me enable vsync i heard that so much.. help plz
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    More info needed

    What GeForce4 are you using? MX, 4200, etc.? And are you overclocking your card at all? Overclocking can cause lots of tearing if you go too high. One more thing: does it tear only with OpenGL or with DirectX as well?
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    No i didnt overclock it....... it's geforce4 ti 4200
  4. HaZe

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    DirectX dosnt tear ... its all in opengl
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    change your res. in windows.
  6. HaZe

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    That didn't seem to help :confused:
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    What drivers are you using ? i run a Assus Ti420 128meg and it runs fantastic on the official Assus drivers even overclocked but when i updated to the latest Nvidia drivers 40.72 i have noticed slight tearing more so if i overclock the card also i should point out that i overclock my CPU Athlon XP 2200 at 145 FSB so that in effect allso overclocks my card my point being that if your using Nvidia Det's maybe you should try using the official manufacturers drivers??? having said all that though i am still using the latest Det's as they give me the best score in 3D Mark but i am considering swapping back as TV output seems a little vauge to say the least with the latest Det's Crap for watching movies
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    Were can i find these drivers you talk of?
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    Detonator Drivers

    You can download the latest Detonator drivers from Nvidia here. If you want drivers released by your card's manufaturer try looking on the manufaturer's website. I personally use the Detonators, version 41.09, because they are a little less bloated then drivers developed by manufaturers. Not that those drivers are bad; they usually contain stuff that can be useful or help your card run better.
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    I use a PNY Ti 4600. By going to the PNY site I found that the BIOS settings are very important for PNY cards. Here are the BIOS settings for a PNY MX card.

    This may not be the brand name of you card but it shows what I mean about the importance of BIOS settings....
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