geforce2 MX help

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Exoddus, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. Exoddus

    Exoddus Guest

    cant get the fps in games above 60, why not?
  2. Xav1eR

    Xav1eR Guest

    same problem

    I had the same problem with the drivers that shipped with xp.. if you download the newest drivers you should be fine. I am using 22.40 they work well.
  3. h0r4n

    h0r4n Guest

    Its not your MX cards thats your problem.
    I had that problem to.
    You only need to download a program called NVFIX.
    it can be downloaded from
    I had 60 Hz at the beginning, now ive got 100 Hz! :D
    So that made me only capable of having 60 fps.
    But now when ive got 100
    Ive got 100 Fps.
    But thats of course if your computer can handle 100 fps?

    Any way.
    Nvidia Refresh Rate Fix is the solve of your problem.
    I promise you!

  4. Exoddus

    Exoddus Guest

    oh my computer can handle it... seen my topic on computer specs?