Geforce2 GTS or Geforce4 MMX 440

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by a1ehouse, Sep 20, 2003.

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    I have just upgraded my PC, and am wondering whether to use my old graphics card - a Geforce2 GTS (4xAGP/32MB RAM); or use my new Geforce4 MMX 440 (8xAGP/128MB RAM). I know my new one sounds better on paper, but my Geforce2 cost me a fair whack a year or two ago, and was top of the range at the time. I just wanted to know your opinions, or if any of you had a similar choice to make?
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    I had a geforce 2 gts in my old PC. When I got my new one I had a geforce 4 mmx 440 (4xagp/64mb ram). I did benchmarks with both cards in my new pc and found no diferance. I upgraded the card to a geforce 4 ti 4600 and woosh much better. You may find it deferant with the 8xagp one with 128 ram but probibly not by much. You never know though.
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    the GTS was good in its day, the mx440 can still hold its own in most games now. although that will be dated in a years time.
    I would stay with the new gf4 card as it has dx8 hardware support, the gf2 has dx7 hardware support. the large memory on the gf4 is better for large desktops and high res gaming. all cards are expensive when there new. gf4 mx440's are now £30 on it's expensive keeping up to date....
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    actually, the gf4mx's are dx7 just like the gf2's.

    i would say the mx440. it's gotta be at least a tad faster than the gf2 and will gain a real lead if you turn on AA or AF.
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    If you have some money to burn why not just go and get a new card? You'll feel much better later on, trust me. You dont have to get the latest and greatest but there are cards out now from ATI and Nvidia that are easy on the wallet and perform much better that the two you have now. :)
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    Save a little extra money and go for a GF4 Ti4200.

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    thats coz for all intents and purposes they are the EXACT SAME CARD... :)

    nvidia just repackaged them and sold them with the gf4 moniker... much like ati's lowest end cards that have the 9000 designation...

    the mx should run a touch faster due to higher clock speeds and more efficient architecture... but the overall difference is not going to be that much tbh...

    there are some really good deals to be had around the $120-140 mark... the gf4ti 4200 or the radeon 9600pro are both excellent bets... the 9600pro would be my card of choice due to its performance/money ratio... and it is dx9 capable...