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  1. TR!GG3R

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    juss got a new pc with a geforce 4 mx420 in it i was woundering what i could do to tweak it so it runs beter then what it is n fps :rolleyes: any 1 any ideas ?
  2. albybum

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    I am not sure if this program has been tested on GeForce 4 cards, but it might work

    Go to this link and read about it.
  3. [spoon]

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    youre better of getting a Geforce3 ti 500
    the mx cards get the same ratings as in fps and speeds in a few categories but fall behind in most.
  4. Qumahlin

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    aww spoon, be nice he said it came with his comp and you already bashed him heheh :p

    just download NVMAX or such and you can overclock it some and see how things go. just do the sliders one by one and run tests so you don't overheat or anything :)
  5. JK1

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    I just installed an MX 420.

    I just installed the MX 420 to replace a GeForce 256 32 mb. I think I threw away my $:(
  6. [spoon]

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    well you can sell it, they cost similarily to a gf3 ti or you could dl the nvidia coolbits tab and tweak it using that
    assuming the GF4 is compatible with that tool
  7. JK1

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    I'll put it in my wife's machine.
    By the way I just started reading this forum and you all are a very nice bunch. I like the way you all help and don't flame each other.:)
  8. [spoon]

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    to try boosting the performance do this.

    right click on desktop go to properties>settings>advanced>Nvidia{insert your card name here}>advanced properties>under the various tabs in there set it to use more memory
    the default is 5mb but i have my gf2mx400 at the max of 16mb :( running win 98 it went all the way up to 167mb
    also try going here they have a buncha driver each one performs a lil differently
  9. kenco

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    I think the gf4mx420 is (performance wise) between a GF2PRO and GF2ULTRA. The only thing it offers is the GF4 LMA (Lightspeed Memory Architecture?) which speeds the memroy up no end, hence why it is faster than a GF2MX. What it doesn't offer is any hardware DirectX8 features, which the GF3 family of cards do.

    Your best bet would be to get a relatively cheap GF3/TI200 and clock it up to at least TI500 speeds.

    I myself have an MSI GF3/TI200 Pro-TD and it runs sweet as a nut at 200core/535mem (default 175core/400mem). Quite an improvement!

    Unless, of course, you're loaded - then just get a GF4/4600 and have done with it. :)
  10. Electronic Punk

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    Jsut took my GeForce4 MX 440 64 Megs DDR back and pad £25 more for a GeForce3 Ti 200 128 Megs DDR

    Muich happier now!
  11. AmarSingh

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    good to hear...ill be getting the MSI GF3 TI200 with 128MB DDR and VIVO in about 2 weeks along with a new mobo (probably the Gigabyte kt333 board), an athlon xp 1800 and 512 mb of PC2700 DDR
  12. JK1

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    I was screwing around with it last night after downloading the tweeker and got it to run solid at 296 core and 400 mem. Does that even sound possable? I did add heat sinks to the mem chips and stuck a fan on a bracket and directed at the card.
  13. kenco

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    I think you're putting the cart before the horse.

    While upping the core frequency will add to the framerate, it isn't as significant as upping the memory frequency.

    Set the core back to default (175) and then up your mem setting, try 450, then 475, then 500, then just keep going! I found the best way to test was to run the first benchmark in 3dmark2001. It tells you more or less straight away if you've pushed the card too hard as artifacts start appearing.

    Once you've reached the ceiling for the mem, push the core up to 200 - you could go higher, but make sure that the card's stable.

    I found attaching a better fan to the gpu chip helps when pushing the core speed up - I got a gf2pro up to 245.