GeForce TI4200 64ddr overclocking...

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by zino, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. zino

    zino OSNN Junior Addict

    So, i have the hack which gives me controll over how fast i want the gpu and the memory.

    Now my question is, having a default of 250gpu, and 513 memory, what should be in your past experience a safe overclock speed? I have an extra fan atm on the card, and so far its nice and cold....

    I am aware of just moving up 3-4mhz core / 5-6mhz memory at any given time, but was just wondering if anyone has the same card i have and what has worked for them.

    (i understand advice like this could break my card/pc, and i am fully aware most of you would be reluctant to give an advice such as this, so any blame would fully go, and only to go me for doing anything. I however welcome any advice.)

  2. Gary Pandher

    Gary Pandher Moderator

    go up in increments of 5
    not sure..
    i think THINK you do the memory first..(not sure) gonna have to confirm on that
    buh yea go up by increments of 5 then when u bench n test when u start to see artifacts go down by one till you get it perfect..
  3. LeeJend

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    Be very careful overclocking a GPU. They have no thermal protection and will fry without warning. They will also run fine overclocked for a while then fry without warning. Pushing the video memory has never been a problem.
  4. zino

    zino OSNN Junior Addict

    hey thanks for the responses so far.

    Now, thankfully my card, like i would guess any TI card, came with a fairly decent heatsink and fan for the gpu and i added one heatsink as well to every ram chip. I also added one extra fan in the back of the card, to just cool down the card, and one fan thats on the side of my case, pretty much just positioned in top of the card blowing air to it (yes my damm computer is loud as hell....but if you want to be top dog in gaming, u have to pay the price).

    So, how bad/good is it to have the gpu running at 260, and the ram at 530?
  5. mikill

    mikill _

    its going to vary widely zino. some cards are better quality than others, resulting in mixed outcomes. unless ur overclock is giving u a significant performance increase without any serious heat increase, u might be better off leaving it at the default values. clocking it up a few mhz wont make the card perform better other than maaybe giving u 1-3 more fps, in which case isnt worth stressing the card more for.

    hope this info helps.