GeForce problems?!

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by blueyedboy, Nov 2, 2002.

  1. blueyedboy

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    I ve got a GeForce MX 400 Graphics card, but my machine just wont take it whether I am running 98 or XP. I just dont get it.

    I have a P3 450mhz, 768mb Ram (Advent, Pc World). The card that was in it when I had it new is an ATI 3d Rage Pro. (Crap & slow)

    I downloaded the latest detonator drivers from nVidia, but my PC just Crashes when I put the card in. I have to re-start in safe mode and un-install the drivers and put the blinkin ATI back in. Its bloomin frustrating cos I want to be able to play games on my PC and the 8mb or 16mb ATI is not up to it!

    The GeForce is 64mb.

    Could it be the motherboard? Might i need to update the bios?
  2. Faction

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    Strange its defenatly a Driver or hadware issue

    is the Ati a Pci card ? if so u may have a bad AGP Slot other than that im stumped theres many people that can help u here im sure
  3. Jim

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    My friend had the same problem try this.

    1. Remove the latest drivers
    2. Turn off the computer and put in the Gforce card, make sure it is pushed all the way in the agp slot.
    3. Start the computer and let windows detect it, if it does windows will install the drivers that came with XP for the card.

    If your computer crashes it might be a faulty card.
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    Thread moved this is a hardware issue.
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    Try to use the drivers that came with the card. The latest ones arn't always the best with the dets.
  6. blueyedboy

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    Thanks for the replies Guys.

    I am using an upgrade of XP, so I un-installed that back to 98se, then I put in my 98 rescue disk, and re-formatted my HD. I blitzed everything!! Then I put the graphics card in, re-installed 98, re-installed XP, and guess what...

    It bloody crashed still. It crashes before I can finish logging in.

    any more advice!!

    I guess taking it back would be the obvious one, but can I tell you this is not the first time I have tried to install an nVidia card.

    My father in law has a new P4 Advent, so I tried it and it didnt work. I think maybe I should try my card in his machine.
  7. Hipster Doofus

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    Seeing as you have gone this far with no results I would look at flashing the bios. If you have not done it before.....take your time & follow the instrutions carefully. All should go OK.
  8. blueyedboy

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    Pardon? I dont know how to do that? Will it tell me how in the manual for my system board because I havnt seen it if it does. To make things worse, there is no support website I can see for the mainboard manufacturer either.

    Can you elaborate a little.