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    My mate have just bought a new system with a Geforce FX 5600 on it.... Its a mint system and a good card apart from 1 problem..

    On some games it plays fine but others it seems to lock up (but it hasnt) and then it sorts itself out but when it unlocks all the graphics are glitchy and all over the place so then the game is unplayable... The only way this sorts is if the system is restarted ?????

    The games it does it on are

    Serious Sam 2
    Unreal 2
    Soldier Of Fortune 2

    I was thinking it might be a DX9 problem with the older games untill he told me about unreal 2... the newest game hes got... What do u reccomend??

    There not upto date drivers and there also the win XP built in drivers... Its got DX 9 on and i heard this causes problems with geforce FX?

    Any comments welcome :)
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    the year 2525
  3. CrAsHeRKiDD

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    Updated to the latest official drivers from and the problem seemed to go away..

    Then it came back :(

    Im now ruling out driver incompatibility and now im thinking DX9?
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    could it possibly be a bad card ?

    it would seem from indications it might be heat related issues.. though that is odd considering the 5600 non-ultra does not generate much...

    try out the video card in other systems and then if the problem exists there... rma the card and get a replacement..
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    did you uninstall the old drivers before installing the new ones nvidia is very picky about this
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    FX CARDS WERE DESIGNED FOR Direct X 9. There the only ones from nvidia with complete direct x 9 support. I got the same card basically bfg 5600fx 256 ultra. I got my card overclocked and my card stays below 60 C with no problems. Im thinking it maybe the games, have they come out with any new updates? Your card may be all cool with direct 9 but ur those older games may not be ready for your card or direct x 9. Although they say its backwards compatible. Otherwise do u have ur cpu overclocked, sometimes ull get really bad results like ur explaining if u tweak the FSB too far. Detonator destroyer and reinstall of detonator may need to happen. Homie
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    what the hell are you talking about ?

    most of that info is fudge :)

    if a card support dx9... it is backwards compatible with older ps and vs versions... ergo it works perfectly fine with the older games...

    btw... gf FX gpu is designed generally around dx8... in true dx9 situations... ie with ps/vs 2.0... the performance is rather slow... so yes it supports dx9 but is hardly DESIGNED for dx9 :)
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    Did i say something about backwards compatible? Ah yeah i did guess u can't read. Doesn't mean a game may not have a problem. Kinda likne benchmarking with direct x 8 and then trying 9, there is a difference...... u in here to fight or rip my post down, i was just trying to help someone...Yo wrote:
    Heres a excerpt taking from Guru3d owner Hilbert 'GodFather' Hagedoorn
    "the FX family is designed around Direct X 9. Technology
    It's interesting to learn that major motion picture studios apply 128-bit precision to create rich, realistic computer-generated scenes. By matching these film industry levels of precision, the NVIDIA GeForce FX GPUs enable high-quality images with spectacular cinematic effects, without any artifacts or compromises in quality, and the real-time application of those effects throughout the entire scene.
    The keywords for GeForce FX are:
    0,13 micron GPU fabrication
    125 million transistors (give or take a few, I didn't count)
    DDR2 memory clocked at 1 GHz
    51 billion floating point operations per second (51 gigaflops) in the pixel shader alone
    Advanced Programmability (3rd generation)
    High-precision color (64-bit & 128-bit color)
    High-level Shading Language
    New Vertex and Pixel Shading instructions
    Highly efficient architecture (3rd generation Lightspeed Memory Architecture)
    High Bandwidth to memory and CPU
    Shaders can be 1000's of instructions long.
    8 pixels per clockcycle rendering power
    200 Million Triangles per second
    64-bit & 128-bit color, this is film-quality precision, in fact a higher precision than the movie Toy Story 2 used. 64-bit offers high precision with 2x the performance & half the memory of 128-bit. As it seems developers want both 64 and 128-bit color precision for advanced effects.
    AGP 8x (over 2GB/sec bandwidth to the system).
    Fully DirectX9 compatible
    Pixel Shaders 2.0+
    0.13 Micron fabrication process. "

    Fully Compatible is what i see in there..... or U can check out this technical bulletin From Nvidia explaining it all.....Nvidia FX GPUS and Direct X 9.0

    So Direct X 9.0 is fully compatible with Geforce FX GPU's...And was designed around it....

    ATI does too now....even with your card, Try your card in a new cpu and not a 1.6 amd and ull will seeb better results in direct x 9.

    "By supporting Microsoft DirectX 9.0 and HLSL, ATI demonstrates its far-reaching vision for the graphics industry. ISVs can now combine ATI's compelling technology with Microsoft® DirectX 9.0 and HLSL to create Windows games that contain the most innovative and immersive depth of content available to date."
    - Dean Lester, General Manager of Graphics and Gaming Technologies, Microsoft Corporation.

    So maybe u learned something?
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    Re: hmmm.....

    I love buzzwords :)

    makes everything sound so special and important :D

    I am perfectly aware of what the dx9 api is and what it means.. I am also perfectly aware of the capabilites of the gf FX gpu's in dx9 situations... consider checking out where you have devs and people like tim sweeney hang out and discuss on topic.. :)

    back on topic... your post says this

    that is what I point out as fudge... :)

    the only situations where there may be a problem would be with some games utilising supersampling and ati dx9 video cards... though this is not a big problem per se...

    now back to your post... the dx9 api is not built around the nvidia gf FX gpu... if it were you would think the minimum precision of fp24 would have been taken to heart by nvidia ? perhaps they would have decent performance with their fp32 implementation rather than having to revert to fp16/fx12 to remain competitive ?

    the card in question is the 5600... off the top of my head it should be around 350/350mhz clocks... 80-85 million transistors... 0.13 micron process with ddr memory... it is I presume a 4x2 or a 4x1 setup... no gf FX gpu so far is 8x1 which is implied by the claim of 8 pixels per clock cycle... it is so in certain situations... not all :)

    all FX cards from nvidia are technically designed to support dx9... the 5600 is not the only one...

    I had issues with a couple of things you said which IMO were erroneous statements... and I responded in kind... :)
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    would it be possible for you to post step by step what you or your friend did when the card was installed.. in terms of driver removal install/old driver uninstallation... formatting or anything else that took place...

    also please list what other driver sets you have used...

    nvidia has whql drivers out right now that seem to work rather well and don't seem to have any major software bugs...

    dx9 should not cause problems with the architecture per se... heck gf4 ti cards are worknig perfectly fine with windows/dx9 setups :)

    dai and gonzo probably got it right suggesting driver problems... :)
  11. Homie

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    U quote me out twice, oh this time its only part of it and not about the whole thing. . .

    I never said Direct X 9 was designed around the FX. IT was the other way around. And direct X 9 programing IS implemented in these cards making them hardware Direct X 9.0 compatible. In the orginal post all i was implying is that maybe dude didn't update his games to support the new hardware. He asked if it was a direct X 9 problem....about the 5600...The NV3x line does differ in its Intellisample support in that some parts will not feature the full Z and colour compression, however these are not features that affect the chips capabilities, just performance. In the case of NV31 though, it does actually feature the full Z and colour compression routines.

    I never said just the 5600 is the only one buddy, it supports everything just has performance drop.

    And so far as no card has 8 pixels per cycle. U SAY, His big brother does the 5900 ultra.... duh See for yourself, And im not here to be in some pissing match with you so get off it. (I said IT Direct 9) is not a issue with the 5600 card and direct X 9... And it isn't....

    So thanks for finding my errors or whatever, next time u try to rip on someones post atleast know what ur talking about thanks and Amen

    btw i got the the newest of nvidia no beta 44.03 with no problems on XP pro and direct X 9.0 So its may be just be how u have it configured or possibly a bad card? Download the hard page and/or rivatuner to unlock and tweakperformance, D3d,open gl, and direct x. There is plenty of help there explaining what to do, and there is a forum there for both programs.
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    I don't wish to get into a flaming match homie... to each their own...

    some of the information you are putting out appears to be innaccurate... not a question of ego... more about factual representation of architecture...

    btw I concur with the fact that it is unlikely dx9 is an issue with the threadstarter in general... like has been mentioned by other posters... the issues may well be driver related and therefore to resolve the issue this would be the best way to go about it...

    I can't think why older games would need patches to run with dx9 cards... this is the first I am hearing of that... if you would like to post anything else concerning this... feel free homie...
  13. Homie

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    Im not mis representing anything, so get off it.

    Looking at unreals support site i came across this:

    Crash Fixes for v2001 Back to Top

    Updated DefOpenAL32.dll which should fix EAX-related PlaySound crashes.
    Fixed VerifyImport crash (occurred when level changed after game settings modified).
    Fix for IKey assertion (crash) due to "special" keys on some keyboards (e.g. internet enabled keyboards).
    Fixed crash if some items used after they've been destroyed (fixes crash in MM_Marsh if player destroys force field as squad leader tries to disable it for example).
    Additional fix for decolayer density change for Sulferon Assault (and other maps with corrupt terrain info's).
    Possible fix for DirectMusic-related "GetEventTool" crashes.
    Fixed bug report system sometimes crashing or silently failing due to long URLs.
    Fixed GetOggDuration crash if –nosound used.
    Fix for sound-related crash when exiting some levels with DirectX 9.

    Um Sure looks like they needed to fix a problem with DIRECT X 9..... Do u have the newest patches for the games Unreal 2 should be v2001

    OH but it gets better:
    "How do I set up the game to use my 3D card?"

    Unreal II: The Awakening is designed to work with NVidia GeForce 2 class video cards with at least 32 MB of video RAM, which have drivers that are at least compatible with DirectX 8.1. This includes the GeForce 2, 3, and 4-series cards, and the ATI Radeon series. 3Dfx Voodoo 3, 4, and 5 cards, as well as most Intel-based video chipsets, will not work with the game.

    We cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring the most recent drivers for your video card are installed on your computer before attempting to run the game. Contact your video card or computer manufacturer if you need assistance with this.

    We do have some special notes for certain types of video cards. These notes are also available in the Release Notes file, available in the game's entry in the Windows Start Menu:

    Nvidia 40.xx Drivers:

    The NVIDIA 40.xx drivers have been found to have visual flaws and performance problems on some systems with Unreal II: The Awakening that are not present in the latest drivers.

    If you are currently running the 40.xx drivers and are experiencing these problems, we recommend you upgrade to the latest drivers available from NVidia's Web site, or consider downgrading to the 30.82 drivers. Contact your hardware manufacturer if you need assistance with this.

    ~Not sure about you but my card came with the 40.xx drivers, SO the game does need to be patched or fixed. So if I were u i would contact atari and/or nvidia to find out what works.~

    ~Okay now off to the The serious Sam 2 Cro Team website~:

    Beta patch 1.50 for Serious Sam: The Second Encounter is released December 20, 2002


    The patch that is 'almost out' for nearly two months now, is now out in beta form. We have made available a beta version of the patch, so, if you feel brave enough, you can enjoy the benefits of:

    *full hardware 3D sound (with EAX) with support for dolby surround 5.1
    *optimized rendering (5-20% faster)
    *support for occlusion culling
    *major improvements to skeletal animations (seen in updated tech-test level)
    *support for hardware vertex & pixel shaders (seen in updated tech-test level)
    *Parhelia triple-head support (support for three monitors)
    *detection of newer graphic cards (ATI Radeon 9700/pro, ATI Radeon 9500/pro, ATI Radeon 9000/pro, NV GeForceFX, Matorx Parhelia, SiS Xabre 600/400/200)
    *no more syncbads in multiplay
    *recoded demo rec/playback (no sync problems) and more...

    The delay was mainly caused by problems in Internet multiplay, and that is the reason for this version still carying the 'Beta' mark. Single play is all green, better than ever, and lan multiplay is doing fine too.

    The beta patch is available at Seriously!:
    Send all bug reports to

    ~Heres something i know u'll like, it was right next to this top part....~

    Pipelines, pipelines... February 25, 2003

    Hello, world.

    Just wanted to write a word or two regarding the issue raised couple of days ago. Seems like the whole Internet community wants to crucify nVidia about the controversy of how many rendering pipelines GeForceFX realy has. Is it 8 pipelines with 1 texture unit, or 4 with 2, or ... uh... I don't know anymore. And it really DOESN'T matter that much!

    The only thing that matters is how fast and how good it can render pixels. And both GeForceFX and Radeon9700 are great products, the kind of hardware that developers long for. So, personally, I don't care much what's "under the hood".

    Don't get me wrong, I am into 3D-graphic hardware, but this pipeline thing really went out of proportion. Number of pipelines is a good hardware information, and that's all there's to it. It really doesn't need to reflect the speed of the hardware directly. Come to think of it... currently, there are no games that utilize even 1/3rd of nifty features these two boards have.

    Oh, before I forget... I'm not "nVidiot" (and I'm not "fanATIc", either). I'm just a game developer who wants good and fast technology for the future. And both ATI and nVidia have it now!

    Just my two cents.

    Dean "3D" Sekulic

    P.S. Yes, I snapped.

    ~Ahh he does have a good point, and now the 5900FX ultra is out at it has 8 to 1. But I bet u say im still wrong, lmfao~HA HA

    Hope this helped u with your buddy's problem crasher kidd. Hopefully someone got something out of all this....Maybe Sazar ?? lmfao.

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    ok my last off topic post in this thread...

    thanks for the info concerning dx9 and games... I had not heard about any issues that cropped out... they technically should not have cropped up... but hey... game devs don't always follow standards :)

    concerning the pipelines... it has been proven that the top of the line gf FX gpu's are technically 4x2... this has been PROVEN... they can emulate an 8x1 setup in most situations...

    this is clearly seen when looking @ the single texturing performance of the card in tests... the performance is less than half what would be expected with an 8x1 setup... ergo either the worlds most inefficient design or it is actually a 4x2 setup...

    whether it is 8x1 or 4x2 may not be a big deal but when the marketing speak == 8x1 and the actual architecture == 4x2... that is false information...

    there are a number of threads @ b3d that explain in more detail than I care to get into...

    here is the thread link btw...

    why does it matteR ?

    well... its quite simple... :) the work done per clock cycle is dependent on the pipelines/tmu setup... misrepresentation of that fact and blam... the game devs are working overtime... case in point... john carmack on nv30 path v/s default arb2 path... which is another clear example of the 4x2 setup v/s the 8x1 setup that nvidia claimed...

    anyways... I am done with this topic.. if you wish to start a thread that deals with pipelines/pixels/texels/bandwidth/marchitecture and whatever else strikes your fancy concerning gpu's feel free... I always love a good discussion on such topics...


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    Nvidia Domination...once again

    Ok, thanks for the 29 pages of bs that ended in March. Wonder how u prove anything When Nvidia best card wasn't even out then.....all that was is people bickering their opinions back and forth, mostly nvidia haters. The 5900 FX ULTRA (nv35) replaced the nv30 (5800) Not sure where u been but I am very sick of talking about this. All the fx gpus can do the same thing stuff, its just the performance that makes a difference. Go check out this Review it basically shows NVidIA DOMINATION over ATI. It even shows u the difference between running it on a 1.8 amd and a 3.0... big performance difference there to.

    BTW i probably won't run out and buy this one cuz I heard the new 6000 will be out in September..... I wish They took a core trade in, I can't buy one every other month.

    I love u die hard ati guys who won't stop...lmao
    btw this better end this post unless the dude with the orginal post would like to talk now.

    later Homie

    Btw that is annoying when u quote my whole damn posts.
    Nothing like reading my post twice in a row. U think I would go back and change it or what? oh yeah this is done....don't answer that

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    Re: Nvidia Domination...once again


    check your pm's... I have responded to your 'doubts' about the pipelines :)

    btw... if you are a true fan of nvidia... I recommend you join :) a very nice nvidia fansite... I happen to be an active member there... and it is a lot of fun...

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    I feel overeducated now

    Wow! Can't say I've been so entertained in forum that pertained to video cards.

    So what cards do you guys like anyway?

    Okay, I'm being a jacka**, just havin' fun.

    Take care and truely, thanks, you guys did educate me.
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    Ok I'm scoring that exchange to Sazar on the grounds:

    "Fix for sound-related crash when exiting some levels with DirectX 9."

    The problem requiring an update was with a sound card and DX9, not the video card, which was the topic of the thread.
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    cheers lol...
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    *holds up an ATI sign*

    Oh.. wait, this is about nVidia....