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  1. I used to have an ATI RADEON 7200 32MB video card. In the settings, there is a feature that allows you to set the game brightness/contrast/gamma for when playing games, along with the settings in the game setup.

    I now have a GeForce 4 MX 440 SE 64MB card and whenever I play certain games, the screen is usually rather dark. I can set the brightness and contrast at 100% in the game, but it's still too dark. Is there a setting in the settings that will allow me to change the brightness for games like I used to be able to do with my old RADEON card?
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    Well I have similiar problem as I tend to keep my monitor on the dark side.

    My solution has been to use PowerStrip , it's a very handy program with many uses. I use it to overclock my card, lock in my Opengl refresh rates, and I have a specific gamma adjustment for BF1942 (the game has no brightness/gamma adjustments). You can set brightness/gamma/contrast levels (among other things) for any program, and with the gamma hot keys you can do quick on the fly tweaks.
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    if yours desktop is dark too, go here:

    but if it's just the games, then you need to find the gamma control in each game and turn it up.