Geforce 4Ti 64mb 8x or Geforce 4FX 8x 256MB?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by ghettorare, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. ghettorare

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    which one's better
    MSI Geforce 4Ti 64mb 8x or XFX Geforce 4FX 8x 256MB?
    and why?
  2. cs-cky

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    it depends on what madels numbers yr talking,
    i would say geforce fx. its not a geforce4 fx. I vote the fx beacuse of the amount of ram, yeah people will sya you dont need it but wait till doom 3 comes around. And you will rpbly want to turn on all the new eye candy that all the geforce 4 cards cant handle, Like new pixal shadeing and stuff like that. But if you get a fx get a UTRAL fro gainward. Make the maker gainward because thats really the only good maker for fx's right now.
  3. coathanger007

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    I have had to make a simiar decision between the 64MB AGP4x Geforce Ti 4200 and the 128MB Geforce FX 5600. Ended up choosing the FX. Without antialiasing or anistrophic filtering enabled ( shoddy graphics)the 4200 was 10% faster. However with one of both of those enabled, the FX was up to 100% faster because it is fully Direct X 9 compliant with intellisample technology. It can also run all the Radeon and NVidia tech demos because of this and cinefx. Better card in terms of image quality thoough for speed may want to try Radeon 9700.
  4. Sazar

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    in straight up situations... the 4200 is a better card... it is better if you can actually get your hands on a 128mb sample instead of a 64mb sample... that way you don't have to keep swapping due to memory being used up from size of textures @ high res...

    a 5600 with 256mb is not a bad buy... but the utilisation of the extra memory generally comes into place @ a HIGH resolution with levels of filtering turned on... a slower card will not be able to play games @ that high a resolution and therefore you are unlikely to see a netgain in overall performance by much...

    if the price difference between a non-ultra 256mb and an ultra is negligible... buy the ultra as cs-sky said...

    the 5600 non-ultra in itself is not a bad card... but the money for the extra memory can be spent better... :)

    unless you are into 3d models and what not (professional... cad/cam level work) where the extra memory WILL come into play...
  5. jonifen

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    I bought a 128mb ti4200 8x card for under £100 UK, so the prices on the gf2 ti series is very good at the min. Like I tell people, its not really worth getting the card with 256mb of memory on it just yet, unless you're planning on keeping it for like 3 years... and if thats the case, I'd go for the radeon 9700/9800 pro or the fx5900 ultra - they might last a little longer than 3 years :)
  6. ming

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    Invest for the future - Get a card with DX9 support.
  7. jonifen

    jonifen pffff...

    I would say as another point... if you're considering the a gf4ti 64mb card, take a look at the radeon 9500pro and/or 9600pro - dx9 support (if im not wrong) so its "futureproof" and its STILL a good card
  8. Cosmin

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    MSI is a good brand and count on it ..
    you should consider the brand as an important factor , almost on display adapters ( cooling stuff ) from now on ..
    My rec. will stay near teh Ti4200 64mb from Leadtek .. why ? cause there's a good price-performance solution .
  9. LeeJend

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    MSI sucks. I only say that because of the number of bad MSI MB and Video cards I've seen in the last 9 months. All had manufacturing defects (bad solder joints, misaligned heatsinks, unseated components) that resulted in the failures.

    Cosmin is right consider the brand.