GeForce-4 Ti4200 64MB

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by simee, Jun 14, 2003.

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    Looking at buying a new graphics card and i's wondering what was the difference in perfomance between the different manufacturers: Albatron, Gainward, Leadtek etc. Because there is a bit of a difference in price i was wondering if the theory of "what you pay is what you get" happens here, do you actually get more for your buck?
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    well, the 3 that you mentioned are all great brands. along with abit, asus, and some others. so as long as it's a decent brand, get what's cheapest and has the features you want.

    are you sure you want the 64mb version? you can get 128mb for about 10% more.
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    like taurus said :)

    if you are into gaming... @ higher resolution... the extra memory does help... so consider 128mb if price is not such a limitation... else the 64mb should be just fine for you... :)
  4. simee

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    yeah i'll definately consider getting the extra memory
    probably the:
    Leadtek GeForce4-Ti4200 A280 LE TDH My VIVO
    128MB AGP Video Card DVI Video-In TV-Out 8xAGP
    About NZ$322 or about US$175

    Thanks for your help