GeForce 2 Ti overclocked results

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Gouk, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. Gouk

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    I overclocked my aged LeadTek GeForce 2 Ti. I only did the first 3 benchmark tests in 3DMark2001 SE since the nature demo does not work on the GF2.

    Results are below and in the Default 3DMark2001 SE settings i.e 1024x768 res etc...:

    Default settings - 250/401 - 3DMark - 4907
    Overclocked 1 - 264/413 - 3Dmark - 5049
    Overclocked 2 - 280/431 - 3DMark - 5153
    Final overclock - 289/461 - 3DMark - 5419

    Do any of you think it was worth overclocking it? 289/461 is the max my card can go without *ANY* articfacts or glitching in the graphics.

    I used the LeadTek WinFox utility to overclock the card. Is coolbits any better?

    How much of a framerate boost is this in games and can my card be pushed any further?
  2. Misfire

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    did u have any cooling on it?
  3. Gouk

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    the card itself has a fan on it and one of my case fans is blowing air on the gfx card so heat is not an issue :)

    Why dya ask?