Geforce 2 Not Recognized as 64 Meg

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by fallom, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. fallom

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    I have a generic Geforce 2 that's supposed to have 64 megs of memory. It says it on the box, and it shows that the card has 64 megs in startup. Windows wont recognize it, though. It appears as a 32 mb card. What's causing this?
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    download a cpuid program and see if it shows anything different, also do you have onboard graphics? I have an sis chipset with a built-in video card that I disabled, it had 4 megs on it and used to show up before, causing conflicts.

    now although I see my regular ATi video card, my sys memory is not shown as much as it is, it is 4 megs less, since the mobo is still allocating 4 megs of my memory to the crummy vid thingy.

    one other thing check out the agp settings. check your apperture settings blah blah blah. lastly, maybe there is only 32 megs on your card :) and it might have said 64 megs, might be upgradeable but I don't know.

    lol. check it out, doubt I have been much help, maybe your sys spec and card type (agp pci) will help more, cheers.
  3. fallom

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    Nah, it's not an onboard card. I'll check out the aperture settings though.

    Edit: Forgot my system specs.

    Geforce 2 AGP
    Soundblaster Live!
    Pentium 3 650 overclocked to 866 (Maybe this is the problem?)
  4. fallom

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    The aperture settings are at 128, half my memory. I changed another setting to 4x mode, but that didnt solve the problem.

  5. Sage

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    You hit the nail on the head

    You mentioned that your system is overclocked, if the ratios are not correct for all components (PCI, and AGP) you may get errors or hardware problems - your case in point. Put the clock speed back to the orginal and see if that corrects the problem. Normally AGP ratio is 2/3 FSB, but if this is not changed correctly it may read incorrectly. PCI bus must be 33MHz, and AGP must be 66MHz
  6. fallom

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    I reset the chip settings but it didnt fix the problem.
  7. Sage

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    Try this

    Have you, since you reset the settings, removed your video card? If not try this: With the orginal clock settings enabled shut down the system>remove your card>then replace it. Doing this might fix the problem. I'm looking for a solution, so bare with me.
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    Hey man, how do you overclock?
  9. fallom

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    I removed and put the video card back in, but it didnt change anything. Where can I get a cpuid program?