GeForce 2 MX This is Wrong!

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by _DM_, Jun 28, 2002.

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    Ok heres the problem umm... I dl Geforce Tweak and I clicked the fast Setting buttons and the program just aotumatically configs its self....Ok leme get to the point Whenever I play UT, the gun models are missed up it looks like the gun handle is infront of the gun? Wait leme give u guys an example This sword:

    -this is NORMAL sword: (===(--------------->

    -know the handle is in the front: ----(===(----------->

    What do i change in the Geforce Tweak Utility?
  2. UofEEE

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    Overclocking can have undesisred effects...try a lower setting (if you're using somekind of overclocking utility). Not all cards can be tweaked..I tried mine...didn't work...
  3. Taurus

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    if you're running UT in opengl, then the tweak program changed something in the opengl tab that isn't quite compatible with your card... same with direct3d (whichever you're using).

    try changing a thing or two and trying UT until you find out what it is.... then pick the 'fast settings' again and change the one trouble setting that's causing problems.
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    Try clicking the undo button then making changes one at a time paying attention to the stsatus bar...