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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by SirDeath, Feb 17, 2002.

  1. SirDeath

    SirDeath Guest

    How I can get the best performance for my Gforce 2 GTS Creative?

    What programs do you use to tweak your nvidia graphic card, and for the GTS, what are the best options?

    I have a Duron 800 with 256 Ram, Quantum 40 GB with ATA100 5400 rpm, MSI 6330-Lite Mobo....

    I really will apreciate your comments and sorry about my english -_-

  2. For one thing if your into gaming 5400 rpm drive will give you problems. Other wise with your graphics card, simple picking best image and turning off vsync is enough..
  3. SirDeath

    SirDeath Guest

    Ok! Thanks!
    Then I will sell my HDD and buy a new one with 7200 rpm :)
  4. Highwind7777

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    no, a 5400 rpm hard drive will not give u any problems but the loading times may make you want to throw your comp out the for squeezing the best performance out of a geforce 2 gts, I'd say install hacked drivers to make it a quadro 2 and you will see noticably higher frame rates in openGL games
  5. SirDeath

    SirDeath Guest

    Did you refer to 27.xx drivers??
    I have installed, 23.12 detonators...
    Uhm.. Let me check if 23.xx are worse than 27.xx with 3dmark 2001 SE...

    Later I will publish my results here :)

    I will try with 27.20 and 23.12...
  6. stuy_b

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    Goto and get the latest nvmax tweak program (v4.00.41) it allows you to easily set hidden options not normally found in the display properties of control panel. Also you can overclock the core & memory settings of your card too.