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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by neoterixx, Jun 4, 2002.

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    I recently installed a DIVX 5.01 Bundle pack with CODEC and Player on my system. The bundle also installs a lil program called GATOR which im sure most you know about :rolleyes: . For those of you who don't its basically an ADvertisement Pop up program that can be devastatingly annoying. Words can describe it. I deleted the Start Menu Shortcut to the program and now can't seem to find where his program has been installed or better yet does anyone know how to remove the program? Thanks in advance!:D
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  3. u have installed then 5.01 pro ad supported version. that does come with the ad ware prog. if u get just 5.01, actually get 5.02 it's better. not the pro one , unless u are encoding, because just for watching stuff u dont need pro version. or if u want pro version check out and do a search.
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    Yes, AdAware is great, but, I'm going to assume that Gator has running processes of the parts AdAware needs to delete.

    The files are stored in: C:\Program Files\Common Files\GMT

    This first thing I would do is run msconfig, and tell un-tick the option that runs GMT.exe on startup.

    Then, run AdAware, leave it on the screen where it says the items it can't delete are.

    Then open up the Task Manager, and end the processes that match the file names listed in AdAware.

    Now you can run AdAware again, and it will let you delete those files, I just deleted the whole C:\Program Files\Common Files\GMT directory, but I don't think it matters.

    Then reboot, and when it asks you if you want to run msconfig utility etc. when windows starts tick the box, and you should be fine.
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    as all know PRo version of DivX is spying it's customers . gator was the first key in my suspicious list - use Ad-aware !
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    I had no clue that one of the services on my System GMT was actually GATOR! And that lil program has been giving me problems, eating memory weird things such as that... Thanks for the lil proggie it works great found lots of nasty shit on the computer... Can anyone explain to me what SPYWARE actually does and how I can protect myself around such evil things, what programs should I use in addition to this one. I hate to be SPIED @ :D
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    Also get the Ref updater at the Lavasoft site. This will keep your Ad Aware up to date with the latest signiture file.