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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by bossdodgers, Dec 24, 2001.

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    When I am playing various games, new or old, the game will suddenly quit back to the desktop for no apparent reason. My system is a 1.4 AMD Athlon DDR with 512 DDR RAM, Nvidia GeForce 2 MX400 64 mb memory. All my drivers are up to date and certified. I am using 21.83 Detonator and have tried the new 23.11 drivers and had the same problem. It does not seem to be after any particular length of time just at random times. However I am currently playing an adventure game and although I have previously been in the location I now find that as soon as I enter that part of the game it just quits back to desktop, so I don't think it is the game itself. I have also got the Nvidia Refresh Rate fix and that doesnt help either. I have tried all the compatabilty changes - still no joy. I have tried everything I can think of apart from throwing it out of the window!!! Anyone experiencing something similiar? Any help much appreciated
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    With all due respect as far as I am aware you cannot uninstall Direct X without using certain tools which are not 100% safe . Also you cannot download Direct X 8.1 for XP as it is already installed as part of the installation and you cannot get is off the XP disc. The only versions you can download are for upgrade for 98/ME etc.

    As I do not want to totally re-install XP I don't see any way round this.

    I have already re-installed the Nvidia drivers and this made no difference.
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    Tried exactly as you said

    Re installed Direct X and then the Nvidia drivers in safemode and still no joy.It happens in Mortyr,Kiss psycho circus and heavy metal fakk 2 amongst other games and all of the games are updated and have been tried with all of the compatibilities.Its a strange one this.Thanks for your help anyway.
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    It may just be your MX400...

    I've heard some horror stories about that card running (or not running for that matter...) in XP. I'm not sure if theres any one solution to it.

    I'm not here to give a solution at the moment, just here to let you know it may very well not be the games causing it.

    I'll do a little research when I get the chance...

    Until then, look here

    This is about the best place for info on the Geforces.

    Good luck, I'll pipe back if I find out anything.
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    Look in this question "Q. My GeForce keeps on locking up or drops me back to the desktop during 3D applications. How can I fix it?" in the link I gave above...
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    Thanks for the web site address

    I've had a look and there are lots of things for me to try

    Let you know how I get on
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    There was 3 areas that needed sorting out. I was suspicious with the way Xp was handling the registry and so investigated further and found a decent registry checker and lo and behold there were 1100 invalid entries which needed sorting out.

    I also wasn't very impressed with the built in defragmenter so I used another one that i had used before and XP had missed lots of fragments.

    The third and major one was the graphics drivers. I had found technical information showing conflicts between Nvidias latest drivers working with Xp in particular my card. I tried lots of other earlier drivers and eventually the Detonator 3 12.41 drivers have fixed the problem and with no noticeable difference and now the games aren't quitting and the sound problem i had with some games has gone.