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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by gladner, Apr 28, 2003.

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    A year and a half ago I decided to buy a console gmae system. After renting and trying all three candidates I decided to do some more research. I then disovered that gamecube games were uncopiable due to the use of non standard media, a counter-clockwise disc rotation and writing the discs from the outside in instead of from the inside out. This made me buy a gamecube because I was very impressed by their engineering.

    I just wanted to know if they really won. Did Nintendo really win the war on piracy for disc based games? Are their games really uncopiable?

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    their discs are also a different size from standard cd's/dvd's :)

    which adds to the difficulty :)

    dunno if the war on piracy ended... but nintendo has good sales in many territories (on a global scale)
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    Don't know anything about that, but from what i've heard Gamecube is selling a bit better than Xbox (even though some beg to differ). there was even the one news post here that i believe said that 2 very big game designers abandoned the Xbox Live because they didn't agree with MS's terms for it.

    I got myself a gamecube for my B-day and i love it. Especially Wind Waker. greates addition to the zelda series ever (even though once again people beg to differ).
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    I don't think any one can say they have stopped people copying discs. No matter what the format. And yes they can be copied.
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    I dunno about winning the war on piracy, but they won a battle for now. hackers/crackers will always find ways to beat piracy techniques no matter how complex it is. Just look at XBOX, there is crazy encryption on that, yet they managed to install Linuix on it, etc. personally, i dont own any consoles myself, but i am impressed by the way manufactures make it difficult to stop piracy, and im even more impressed by these people who manage to break these barriers.
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    the xbox is a very different kind of console :)

    it is effectively a computer... and uses an os based on windows and uses various peripherals... its connectors for the game ports are usb's with different endings...

    it IS a computer... hence it is a lot easier to hack it than it is for ps2's and gamecube's

    sure it is hard for some... but so long as m$ keeps making boneheaded business decisions like this... they are susceptible to lose money...

    the xbox is a nice system... but it is just begging to be modded...

    this website does not condone the modding of xbox's or piracy of software btw :)
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    The dreamcast had a similar method of reading the disc from the outside in (in theory reading a faster spinning part of the disc, making loading times quicker)
    this was overcome by people putting 500mb of nothing, called a "dummy file" at the start of the disc, then burning the 100mb game at the end of the disc, or larger/smaller dummy files depending on the size of the game.
    Also the dreamcast used its own form of media called the "GD-Rom" which held 1gb of data, yet most games where still ripped and put onto CD-r, as they did not actually use the full 1gb capacity, if they did, things such as in game movies and/or music could be removed to make the rips fit onto a 650 or 700mb cd.
    then either a bootblock being burned to the cd, or using a seperate boot cd, the console would run the cd-r as if it where a GD-Rom

    As for the GC smaller discs, these are nothing new, just 8cm and are available commercially in CD-r form.
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    i dont think they won the war on piracy, but they certainly crippled it. the media used by the GC is proprietary and the only way to get such media is thru Matsu****a, which have a very strict agreement with Nintendo.
    im pretty sure theyll be able to copy the games, but they'll take a heck of a long while to crack the readability on them to pass them to *-r media.
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    lol, i wasnt condonling it, just found it intresting. just that all this piracy protection stuff is kool. i still remember way back when i had doom1 passed to me on a floppy, haha.
    overall, i think nintendo has been the most successfull against game piracy, i.e. cartrages. And now, the different cd format. i think M$ is working on it with XBOX live, last i heard they permanently ban XBOX's hardware ID from connecting after scanning from there server.
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    I don't think that Nintendo have (up until the GC anyway) been too successful at preventing piracy. I'm not too sure about the NES, but there was definately an add on for the SNES called a Wildcard that let u put roms onto floppies, and there was a similar thing for the N64 called the Doctor V64, except roms were burned to a cd and were freely available for download on t'internet (if u had 2 brain cells and a search engine).
    I've not seen anything for the GC yet (tho in truth I've not exactly looked hard) but I'm sure someone will find a way to defeat it.

    Toxicity - u remember gettin passed Doom on a floppy ? I remember when games were copied using nowt but a tape recorder !!!! (Yes, I am THAT old :p )

    I'm afraid piracy is here to stay, it's been around for as long as I can remember and as long as ppl can make money from it, it will continue. Strangeley, the arguments for and against have hardly changed at all down the years - yet the software industry continues to grow and develop apace.

    Just my 2 cents:)
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    Eventually an emulator and cd images will become available, its only a matter of time. However, I would say it that the gamecube will be the last current generation console to get a working emulator. They already have demos working for XBox and the PS2...haven't heard a peep for the gamecube, but rest assured its coming eventually.
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    yeah nintendo has done really good as far as stopping bootlegs in the past years unlike some other companies such as microsoft and sony:p It kinda stinks because I got the gamecube and was kinda looking foward to someone being able to mod it. It looks like its gonna take forever. And even if they do i think its going to require the owners to have DVD writers because it will probably be on Mini-dvdr's. Oh and does anyone have panasonic Q? that looks neato. i should of gotten it.
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    I believe that pirates in Hong Kong has found a way to pirate gamecube games by adding an add-on standard cd-rom or dvd reader at the back of it's add-on port. After this, all they had to do was copy the games over to cd-rom/dvd fomat and copy away!