FYI - Sygate Pro V5.5 build2525 released:)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by _kC_, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. _kC_

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    Hi, just too let ya know a new build of sygate pro firewall 5.5 b2525, i cant find any info on what is new, but i have just installed it, and it seems too be totally optimized, now starts up immediatley (no waiting 10-20seconds) and ram usage is now only 2mb (was around 10 in last build)
    in usuage everything seems a lot quicker too open..
    Also a new trojan signature library was released, after youve upgraded sygate, press "update signature"

    couldnt see any major new features.. but this optimization is great!

    Nice job sygate!
  2. Enyo

    Enyo Moderator

    Sygate SE has also been updated.

    Whats New?

    [b2525]: Fixed SPF blocking all Network traffic while service is not loaded (even if the advanced feature was not enabled)
    [b2525]: Enhanced support for CheckPoint VPN
    [b2525]: Fixed Explorer continuously accessing Smc.exe
  3. _kC_

    _kC_ Moderator

    Thankyou for the info Enyo..
    damn seems its now uncompatible with AVG pro 7.....

    i always had "anti application hijacking" enabled since v5.5
    now after ive installed this new sygate, i try too update my AVG definitions..
    Up pops the box
    "do you want too allow avgblahblah to access etc"
    then "avg Control center is calling avg updater, do you want too allow it"

    i tcked the box "always remember" and then clicked "yes" for both,
    but it keeps going round in circles asking me over and over again, it never did this in previous sygate build... so only way too update my AVG at the moment is too disable "anti application hijacking" within sygates/security options.
    , and then re-enable after avg updates :(
  4. _kC_

    _kC_ Moderator

    fixed, by creating an advanced rule for it..
  5. Howling Wolf

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    I updated it too, but what I do not understand is that it wouldn't update from the update option... kept telling me I had the latest version (5.5.2517) which obviously wasn't true, I had to download the "trial" again to have Sygate's Personnal Firewall Pro updated for real (5.5.2525) :eek:)
    Will see at next reboot if it really loads faster, which would really be a good thing ;o)

    Thank you for the info _kC_ !
  6. polyglory

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    An error to be looked at I would have thought.

    I am on build 2516 and it says there is no updates availiable.

    What happened to a notification of an upgrade, or automatic updating.

    Otherwise I am quite happy with the Pro version.